Monday, March 19, 2012

11 Months

Dear Scout,

Scout 11 months chair 01

I've been thinking a lot this week about what I was doing one year ago.  As your birthday nears, I figure I'll probably be doing more of that.  One year ago, your grandparents had come to town to help us put your bedroom together and get prepared for your impending arrival.  I was round, and I wasn't sure if I could get any rounder.  But I did.  You were moving around a lot.  I didn't know what you'd look like or what your name would be, but I knew you were perfect.  It turns out I was right.

Scout 031512 02

In the last month, you've picked up so many new tricks.

One day I wondered if you were ever going to start pulling up.  You were just so content to sit and play or to crawl, and I wasn't sure when you'd start pulling yourself up.  And then one day you just effortlessly started pulling yourself up like you'd been doing it for ages.  So now you pull up a lot, but you'd rather be crawling or climbing stairs.  Yes, you can climb all the way up the stairs (with some spotting).  You're never sure what to do when you get to the top, but Nola's usually laying at the top of the stairs to greet you.

The weather has turned decidedly spring-like.  Actually, some days have been almost summer-like.  You love to be outside.  I think you had forgotten how awesome it is to be outside.  You're enjoying trips to the dog park, walks to the park, walks to eat frozen yogurt, and sitting on the porch and watching all of neighbors walk their dogs.

Scout 031012 01
Lots 'o dots.
You continue to impress the ladies at day care with your constant questioning.  You are constantly putting your hands out, shrugging your shoulders and saying, "Idunno," or "Whatsthis?" or something that starts with "Where."  They are convinced that you will be a hand talker with flamboyant gestures.

And the talking?  You are jabbering constantly.  I left you the room the other day and came back to find you having a full conversation with Nola.  You were telling her quite the story.  You say "dada," something that sort of sounds like nola, "bobba" (bottle), "byebye," and of course all of your questions.

You've also started pointing at things that you want.  You point at the door.  At your bottle.  At our phones.  I'm trying to morph this pointing into putting up one finger and saying, "I'm one."

You are taking fewer and fewer bottles.  At day care, you eat amazingly well.  They give you the big kid's lunch now, and you impressed me by eating an entire serving of shepherd's pie one day and an entire plate of chicken nuggets and green beans the next.  We went out to dinner last week and you were trying to climb out of the high chair to get to my plate.  And during meals at home, you've learned the fine art of purposely throwing food at the dog.

Scout and Nola 031012

The last month of your first year will be another busy month.  Your first trip to Louisiana.  Your birthday party.  We can't wait.

With much love.


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