Thursday, February 09, 2012

In my next life...

I love children's books.  I sometimes wonder if I missed my calling as a children's librarian.  Except that I'm not sure I could deal with other people's kids all day.  Maybe a children's book editor.

I'm slowly building Scout a nice little library of picture books and board books.  She received some great books for Christmas.  I order discounted books through work and always talk myself into adding a book or two to any Amazon order (most recently an order for various devices for childproofing electrical stuff).

Scout's just starting to sit still long enough to listen to us read.  She likes the cadence of Brown Bear, Brown Bear (I could do a long post on Eric Carle), and loves to turn pages.  At this point, it's mostly about chewing the corners of board books and throwing them to the floor.  As I find books that we like, I'll feature them here.  New books.  Classic books.  Books I've never heard of, but the rest of the world has.

What are you favorite children's books?

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Kelly said...

I buy lots of nice books for my kids at Kohls. They change periodically, but they have a program where a nice hard bound book is $5 and the money goes to charity. I have found many Dr Seuss, Take a Mouse, and other classics there. Right now they have Eric Carle books and stuffed toys for $5 each. It's a great deal.

Knittripps said...

Please do share! I plan to read a lot to my baby boy.

Abby said...

I feel like a moron for asking, but did I give Scout "Little Fur Family" for your shower? If I didn't, I should have and I owe you one. So please do tell me if I didn't. It's our *favorite.*

On the children's librarian front, I, too, have the bug. The University of Alabama offers an accredited online Master's of Library Studies with just a 3 day residency requirement, and it's on my do-list. What's holding me up? It's been 17 years since I took the GRE and I'm not eager to sit for it again. And the realization that I'm *that* old just gave me stomach cramps.

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