Sunday, February 19, 2012

10 months.

Dear Scout,

Scout 10 months chair 03

Here we are at the 5/6th mark.  You are getting so big, and you've developed the appetite to match.  You eat huge meals and have been a bottomless pit for the past few weeks.  You eat and eat and eat.  Your favorite foods are yogurt and peanut butter Cheerios.  We also discovered that you like dill pickles.

You are crawling everywhere and fast.  You crawl after Nola, who just sits and takes your petting.  And you crawl toward the stairs, and sometimes climb a few.   You are not always content to sit still, including during the monthly photoshoot.

Scout crawling off chair 02

But honestly, you do like to sit and play too.  You stack cups, play with your talking/ singing walker, "read" your books, and keep yourself entertained.  On occasion, you do pull yourself up, but generally, you just aren't that motivated.  We're trying to work on your standing and balancing.  The one place you always pull up is in the bath tub.

You still just have your 2 bottom teeth, but I feel like you might be working on a couple more.

You also experienced your first real snow this month.


You are getting more and more hair, but I'm not positive what color it will end up being.  It appears light.  When you get out of the bath, we sometimes give you a 'do.'

A little sleepy eyed before day care.
We have another busy month ahead, and we can't wait to watch you learn new tricks and skills.

Scout 10 months rug 01
This pose is getting more and more difficult to capture.  You immediately roll over.

Love ya,


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