Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Story of PP Pants

I really like dressing Scout.  It's like a real life version of paper dolls.  I actually don't do a ton of shopping for her.  We've received a lot of clothing as gifts and a lot of hand-me-downs.  Most of my shopping is just to fill in the gaps here and there, but I have a weakness for cute patterned tights.  Despite my better judgment, I have photographic evidence of this weakness.

Baby Tights 02
This is the currently clean (and always expanding) collection.
In my defense, some of these were gifts.  And tights stretch.  So if I buy a pair of size 6 - 18 month, they will get a lot of use.  Right?  Right now they might still be "looses" but they will likely still fit next fall.

But back to the story...This story starts on Pinterest, when I saw this pin.  So cute.  I went directly to eBay and purchased these tights (with free shipping from China).  It was only after I purchased these inexpensive little tights directly from China that I read the complete description:
PP pants is the necessity when your baby are learning to climb and walking, it is warm and both beautiful ! Crotch Department is designed increase which can be to accommodate diapers , Your baby can wear it be wool pants or warm pants when the weather is cold , it can wear be worn alone when the weather is warm , It is very beautiful cartoon when it be worn out.
Rykert and I were in hysterics over this. We also get a kick out of the Engrish group on Flickr.  Seriously, translations can be hysterical.  Every time we received a package, Rykert asked, "Is it the PP pants?"

Eventually the PP pants arrived.  Actually, it was pretty quick considering it was free shipping.  Well, the first of two shipments came.  Imagine the continued laughter when we saw this:

PP Pants 02
Not inside out.
Ass backwards.  But plenty of room in Crotch Department.

Now, I could probably try to send them back, but at $3 and free shipping, it's just not worth it.  Besides we got a second shipment that included another pair of these with the writing reversed.  We also got the yellow striped pair from the original pin and they are adorable.

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RBH said...

Those are pretty stinking cute. I wish they would let you pick the pattern, though!

Libby said...

I bought a second lot of 4 pairs and they let me select the patterns and sizes. There are a few different sellers on ebay selling these same pants.

Maryn (from 4/11 Rav) said...

And THIS is why I hope we're having a girl this time! Seriously - those are soooo cute!

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