Thursday, January 26, 2012

On feeling human again...

We were hit with the plague.  In the last 3 weeks we've been to the doctor's office more than the past 5 years combined.  Easily.  First Scout.  Then Rykert.  Then Rykert again.  Then me.  Then Scout again. I don't really get sick very often, and when I do I usually just proceed with life and pretend it isn't happening.  I apparently have a pretty high pain tolerance, evidenced by Scout's weird birth last year.  Anyway, I don't have time to be sick.  I have a busy baby, a busy job, and multitude of other things I'd rather do than convalesce.  I finally gave in yesterday and went to the doctor.  They told me it was a "weird" infection because most people with a sinus infection don't have pain in all sinus areas (I'm such an over-achiever), but I convinced them to just treat it because I don't have time for an ENT appointment.  It was 7 a.m. and I needed to get to work.  A migraine later, and I'm starting to feel almost human.  Rykert actually went for a run yesterday with his entourage (jogging stroller and Nola), and Scout's eye is cleared up and she's rediscovered that eating is a good idea.  Maybe we will survive January after all, but probably not without another copay or two.

ETA: I spoke too soon. I finished this post this morning and then set it to post. Of course, as I sit here at 7:15 p.m. the day sleeper woke up with a fever (as he nears the end of his antibiotic) thus sending him back to the doctor. And I just put Scout down with a bit of a fever. Calgon take me away.

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Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Oh yuck :( Hope y'all feel better soon!! Definitely a by product of having kids. Last year, the 4 of us just traded germs back and forth, and one by one, we all went down with whatever virus it was. I am dreading the day that the stomach virus descends on our house b/c I know it will happen. Should stock up on Lysol now.

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