Thursday, January 19, 2012

9 months.

Dear Scout,

Scout 9 months chair 04

Today you are 9 months old.  Nine months!  That's three-quarters of a year.  It's been a busy and exciting month, and you've been discovering all kinds of new activities.

You're developing quite the repertoire of tricks

It started with patty cake, but now it's more a celebratory applause.
Waving 01
You wave at everyone.  You wave hello and goodbye.  You wave to Nola.
Sippy Cup
You've really mastered this since this picture was taken. 
You have another trick.  When I ask you a question ("Where is Nola/Daddy?") you respond by putting your hand up with a bent elbow and a bit of a shoulder shrug as if to say, "I don't know."  We're working on a variation of "so big" that looks more like "ta da."  And of course you are still giving high fives.

And so far, we've got...

Tiny Teeth

but there are more on the way.  I know by the flushed cheeks and significant amount of drool.

And just after Christmas, you finally started moving forward full speed ahead.  You still do your famous move of scooting backwards into a wide stance (kinda like Prasarita Padottanasana) and standing for a split second and then plopping down into a wide legged sit.  But you are everywhere.  Occasionally, I'll leave you in the living room and come back to find you coming to find me in the kitchen.  This new found mobility means that you are becoming more curious of Nola.  You crawl towards her, pull her hair, offer her your toys, and have a stare down.  She just sits and watches you, but on at least one occasion she's play bowed in front of you and gotten really excited about the potential of playing with you.

You've been sick the past couple of weeks with a nasty virus that apparently turned into an ear infection.  But you were such a trooper, just sleepy and cuddly.  You are back to your old self again, but have a new independent streak in your eating behaviors.  You want to feed yourself, and have little interest in a spoon.  You don't want your bottle much anymore, but are becoming an expert at the sippy cup.  We're still pushing the spoon and bottle, though, because you lost some weight.  You are still in the upper percentiles for length.

You still have big blue eyes, and I'm convinced that they will probably stay blue.  Your hair is really starting to come in, but I'm still not sure what color will be.  It appears to be quite light on the top, but darker in the back.

Scout 9 months 01

I think I've said this at every point and will keep saying it, but this is such a fun age.  You are so social.  When we go out you watch and smile at everyone, give them a wave, and stare at them as if to wonder why they aren't showering you with praise and adoration.  At your Grandma Susie and Grandpa Jay's house you sit on a blanket in the middle of the room and hold court.

You are growing so fast.  So fast, in fact, that I miscounted and we had to have a do-over on this month's photo shoot after I mistakenly used the 10 month sticker instead of the 9.  Luckily, you are such a happy girl that you obliged a second shoot.

Scout 9 months rug 01

Winter has finally arrived and your first snow has fallen.  Unfortunately, you've been sick and have barely seen it.  But will get out in the snow at some point.  

mamamamamama (keep practicing those sounds)

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~RaenWa~ said...

I love coming to your blog & seeing her grow right before our eyes. She is such a pretty little girl. you can't help but focus on her beautiful blue eyes.

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

I can't believe she's 9 months already! Crazy! Libby, she just has the most beautiful eyes - wish I could see her sometime before she grows up too much :( Big hugs to you all.

Kelly said...

Wow, what a doll! She's so cute!

Abby said...

Such a beauty. You might think I'm nuts, but I soooooo much Wilson in her. I see you and I in some expressions I see some Emily. I am dying for us to get back to Perry so we check out the fun in Scout's "court." I am sure she is a stitch! Thinking of you guys - and your especially your mom.

Jennifer said...

Love this post. I can't believe how fast these past 9 months have gone. She's really adorable and your Scout posts always brighten my day. Good luck with all her scooting from room to room. That's when your busy work really starts. Enjoy every second of it!

Knittripps said...

9 months! Wow! Thank you for sharing.

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