Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011.

The weather has been unseasonably warm.  Kids who got sleds for Christmas will have to wait, but I'm certainly not complaining.  It's not often that you can do this on New Year's Eve.

and neither is she...

Swinging 03

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Abby said...

LOVE the saddle shoes, Scout! I had Ella and James in them until they could protest. Personally, I do recall that my mother (and yours, too, Libby, I am sure) had me in them until faaaarrrr longer than I could protest. Oh the heel blisters (in 1974, '75, '76, '77, '78, '79...). I think that today's Stride Rites are much kinder. Darling child. Enjoy 2012 with her!

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