Thursday, December 22, 2011


While the term Giftmas has its own Urban Dictionary definitions, I've given it my own.

Giftmas is celebrated in the week immediately preceding or following Christmas on a date determined based on work and travel schedules.  It is a mini gift giving holiday celebrated in a simple manner at home before the big Christmas festivities. That being said, Giftmas is not celebrated on December 23, as December 23 is, of course, reserved for Festivus.

Basically, we travel for Christmas, and I honestly don't mind it one bit.  My expectations for Christmas involve a large-ish family gathering and too much food.  But we wanted to do something to celebrate at home with Scout, and I think that it could become a tradition.  I guess at some point we'll have to fold in some early Santa charade as well.

We started Giftmas with Chinese food.  We were the only ones in the restaurant, which reminded us of this classic scene:

Rykert and I don't generally do elaborate gifts for each other.  Though this year, I think I want a treadmill as a joint gift.  We'll see if that happens.

And Scout?  Well, she doesn't get it.  We could easily have wrapped up her toys or some diapers and it would be all the same to her.  But we bought a couple of new toys (of odd sizes) and wrapped them up.

She found a Wonder Woman car and a pink pacifier (just like her beloved green one) in her stocking.  She was utterly confused by the pink pacifier that is ever so slightly larger than the green version.
Scout and Stocking 02

Scout 01

And then she was confused by the wrapping paper.  She tried to eat it.  

Scout 03

And then she had a stare down with her jack-in-the-box (which, sadly, wasn't all that scary and isn't that the whole point of a jack-in-the-box)
Scout 07

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