Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Stocking

Back in July, when the temperature looked something like this:

I decided it was the perfect time to order up some rustic wool and start knitting a Christmas stocking.  By early-August, I was mid-way through the heel when I decided the heel looked sloppy.  Rather than rip back and start over on the heel, I set it aside.  But I was bound and determined to get this completed before Christmas so it could hang all season long.  So after Thanksgiving I picked it back up, ignored the pattern directions, and knit a new heel.

Scout's Stocking

The next hurdle was the duplicate stitch name.  I had to relearn duplicate stitch, and I'm not 100% happy with the font, but it's done.  I'm still debating adding some bells and after Christmas (and before Christmas 2012) I will definitely line the entire thing to prevent stretching over time.

Scout's Stocking 01

The pattern is called Evergreen by Annie's Woolens, and I purchased the kit.  The colors aren't exactly what I thought they'd be (more grey than white), but I like the finished project.   This pattern has issues.  While the overall quality of the pattern is pretty high (a great chart), the short row directions for the heel are so incredibly poorly written.  But I recommend the pattern with that caveat.   My OCD is telling me to buy the yarn for two more (in a similar pattern, but the same yarn) so all of our stockings match.  Maybe next year.

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Meagan said...

How about 3 more? You never know what may happen : ) It looks great! Much better than my sharpie would have looked.

Jennifer said...

It's beautiful! Someone told me that you should always have a stocking ready for a baby's first Christmas. Then you should take a photo of the baby with the stocking. They'll always treasure it and remember when their stocking was bigger than they were! Wouldn't that be cute?

Chrisknits said...

Just precious! I hope Santa leaves lots of goodies in her stocking!

Abby said...

It's darling - and as usually, I am amazed at your skill. Well done! Oh - and I vote bells. Definitely bells.

Knittripps said...

I have dreamt of knitting a Christmas Three Skirt for years. Now I am thinking about family Christmas Stockings. It will take me years to finish!

Megan said...

Your stocking is awesome!!

I knit our family (me, my fiance, my brother, his long term GF, my mum and stepdad) stockings in 2006. I just happened to have enough of the same yarn left over to knit Aurora's stocking for this year. I'm stressing now though because I don't have any of the red left and it's discontinued. We're planning on having more kids and I'll feel so bad that their stocking is different from everyone else's!

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