Monday, December 19, 2011

8 months.

Scout 8 Months Rug 01

Dear Scout,

It's your 8 month birthday.  Eight months.  Your dad likes to point out that it's 0.66667.

It's been another busy month.  We've spent a couple of weekends at grandma and grandpa's, your first Thanksgiving feast, and we have been busy getting ready for your first Christmas.

So what are you up to:
  • No teeth yet.  I keep thinking I see little pre-tooth spots on your lower gums, but probably not.  You are drooling a lot.  But the drool has taken the place of the spit-up which was near constant but now only occasional.  This means you are still wearing a bib most of the time to prevent complete soaking of your shirt or onesie.
Shopping at Trader Joe's.
  • You want to crawl so bad.  You see something and want to move forward, but all of your momentum just pushes you backwards.  You can scoot and roll to get where you need to be though.  And sometimes you even try to scoot on your butt.  Your newest trick is to scoot backwards up to a sitting position.
  • You have two new tricks:
    • Patty cake.  A few weeks ago we taught you this at grandma's.  After constant examples and constant praise, you figured it out in less than 24 hours.
    • Waving.  You wave at everyone.  You wave hello and goodbye.  At day care they say that you can't concentrate on your bottle because you are so busy waving at everyone
  • You are eating more and more food and less and less formula.  You are very excited about food and want to eat everything you see us eating.  Unfortunately, I have an irrational fear of baby choking (and my panic response), but I'm trying to get over it and give you some toast, graham crackers, pizza bones (that's what we call the crusts).  We'll keep adding more and more food.  Your new favorite thing are the freeze dried yogurt puff things and actual yogurt.
  • This past weekend, you rediscovered your love of the Johnny Jump-up.

You had your first Thanksgiving.

You met Santa, and tried your best to get away.


You and Nola are becoming better friends.  Since the day we brought you home, Nola has been curious about your presence, but has generally just tolerated you.  But then you started eating food that wasn't liquid, and she suddenly became interested.  She loves puffs and Cheerios and anything else you toss aside.  When I took your 8 month pictures she stood silently by and watched.  She stood proudly as I propped you close.

Scout and Nola 01

That's about it, but it's not.  You are the sweetest and most mellow baby.  You go to sleep on your own, and are willing to play independently while we make dinner.  You are more and more fun everyday.  I'm pretty sure we'll have even more fun next month.


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Jennifer said...

Awww - love all the pictures. Of course, I did a doubletake on the grocery cart picture (loved the hat!). I thought to myself "Isn't Libby in Iowa?" - has Trader Joe's come to Iowa??? Can it be true? (Please tell me it's true!)

Happy 8th month birthday Scout.

Libby said...

@Jennifer: Yes, there is a Trader Joe's in West Des Moines. There's a lot of development going on in Coralville right now too, and there is talk that one might be added to the new shopping areas under construction. But who knows?

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