Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

What a weekend.  We had a full weekend of Halloween activities.

Friday we went downtown Iowa City for dinner and some kid's activities.  Scout was Princess Leia and she was joined by her cousins who were dressed as Hermione Granger and a very serious and professional attorney.  Let's hear it for appropriate costumes!

Anna Grace and Scout 02
Girl Power!
Grace had a hard time picking a costume this year.  A week ago I was cleaning out my closet and offered her a couple of options, and she chose this suit.*  When she puts it on, she instantly has a very serious demeanor. I guess that's what adults look like to her.  I think Anna has known that she would be Hermione since she made her way through the entire Harry Potter series this past year.  She did have a costume change on Saturday and was a perfect flapper in an old dress of mine.  It makes me wonder if I'll find any more "treasures" as I finish cleaning out the closets.

The best part about being downtown Iowa City was doing a bit of people watching as the college kids headed out to the bars.  Overall, there seemed to be an utter lack of creativity in their costume selections - particularly among the girls.  But it's always fun to see a 6 foot tall Gumby chasing his friends.

On Saturday, Scout was Little Red Riding Hood, but we just stayed close to home.    But on Saturday night, my sisters and I went to Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I'm bent oddly because there is a second  photo-bomber lurking between us who got lost in the shadows.
It was a lot of fun, and we weren't the only ones dressed up (phew!).  And amazingly enough, I made it through the whole thing without falling asleep even though it started after my bedtime.  I've never been much of a night owl (with the exception of my 4 years in New Orleans), but since Scout arrived, I go to bed even earlier.

On Sunday, we took Wonder Woman to brunch, and then I ran errands.  I was actually pretty surprised that I was pushing the only child in costume at the mall.

She honestly will keep hats and all the accessories on for a very long time.
I'm taking the day off today to recover from the long weekend and spend an extra day home with Scout.  No plans.  I hope you all have a Happy Halloween.  I'm already thinking about next year.

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