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For those of you who know me in person or who have been reading this blog for a year or more, you may recall that I love Halloween.  Love it.  This love affair started when I was in college, I guess, because I don't really remember Halloween being a big deal before that.  But when I was in college it became a big deal with tons of costume parties and trips to thrift stores to pull together last minute, cheap costumes.

And then in my adult life, I started learning how to sew and started pulling together costumes for me and my nieces.

Some highlights:
Now there's Scout.  I want Scout to love Halloween costumes as much as I do, but right now she obviously doesn't know any better.  I get to dress her up however I like, and she doesn't really get a say in the matter.  It's like paper dolls.  So when I started thinking about Halloween costumes, my mind went crazy.  Crazy.  Of course, I first thought of the most obvious of Halloween costumes for a girl named Scout.

From the film version of To Kill a Mockingbird.
Not only is dressing up my baby as a ham seem kind of mean, it's also a bit too literal.  Even for me.

Instead, I came up with a list of a bunch of really easy DIY Halloween costumes.  And because I am completely lacking in sense, I decided to make a bunch of them.  I know there will be a time when she will have an opinion on these types of things, but for now she has to suffer through my choices.  And I'll be sharing them here.  So throughout the month of October, I'll be showcasing my Halloween creations with Scout as my model.  Once I started, I honestly couldn't stop thinking about all the things I could make.  I want to open a baby costume shop on etsy.  That's what's going to be happening around here this month.  Stay tuned.

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Chrisknits said...

I made all the girls' outfits until several years ago. When the lure of store bought costumes became too strong, or I ran out of patience. I will have to relive some of those cute costumes again!

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