Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween, Part IX: Wonder Woman

There's something about Wonder Woman.  At least for me.  I waxed on about it here, and undertook a significant Wonder Woman costume in 2009.  I know that this won't be Scout's last Wonder Woman costume; at least if I have anything to do with it.  And there are some really cute girl's versions on the interwebs here and here, for example.

The first question was how to make it baby appropriate.  A bustier was out.  I considered using just a diaper cover for the bottoms, but ultimately decided on a little circle skirt (mostly because I had all kinds of trouble sewing the diaper cover).  In the interest of ease of sewing, I used comic book gold rather than a shiny metallic gold fabric which would be a pain to sew and would not be machine washable (for the inevitable spit-up).

Wonder Woman 02

The skirt took forever, because I was unable to find any royal blue fabric with white stars.  Instead, I painted the stars onto the fabric using fabric paint.  And if I was doing it again, I would do it completely different.  For the elastic waist, I dyed white 2" elastic using Rit dye.

Wonder Woman Skirt in progress
After one coat of fabric paint.  I ended up doing 3.

By the time I got the skirt completed, I was losing interest and it just wasn't turning out like I hoped.  I decided to go with a pre-made Wonder Woman onesie that we already had for the top.  My original plan was to use a plain red onesie and applique the WW insignia.

Wonder Woman 01

The crown and wrist bands were made using gold fabric, interfacing (for structure), elastic, and a bit of red felt for the stars.  I'm so glad that Scout doesn't mind having things on her head and face.  She'd happily wear that crown until it fell off on its own.

1 yard (or less) royal blue cotton fabric
1/2 yard 2" elastic
Rit Dye (for elastic)
White fabric paint
Red Onesie or Wonder Woman onesie
1/4 yard gold fabric
Red felt (for red stars(
1/8 yard 1/2" elastic (for crown)
Red knee socks or leg warmers for "boots"

Wonder Woman 04

Wonder Woman may make a reappearance next year using metallic fabric and satin.  Unless something else catches my eye...

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Aletotski said...

Will it be okay for me to make my daughter the same exact look? :)

Lex-a-roo said...

I love this! I think I'm going to give it a try. I wondering about cutting the stars out of felt and gluing them on do you think that would work?

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