Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween, Part IV: Bobby Soxer

Let's be honest.  Part III was not my favorite of the costumes and covering her legs freaked her out.  So let's move on...

I love poodle skirts, and they are so fun and easy to sew.  I knew that I wanted to make Scout a poodle skirt, but wasn't sure what to put on top.  But through the magic of Pinterest, I found the perfect solution.

Bobby Soxer 05

I didn't use a pattern for the poodle skirt, though patterns abound.  Essentially, you are making a giant donut, with the the smaller circle being slightly larger than the waist of your child.  Figuring this out and drawing the large circle was the most difficult part, and I will warn you that geometry was involved. If you use felt, there is no hemming required. I used 3" black elastic for the waistband and left it exposed to look like a belt.

Poodle Skirt

White onesie
Black fabric paint
Freezer paper
1 yard wool felt
Black felt (or poodle applique)
1/2 yard 2" or 3" elastic (for waistband)

The onesie is made using a freezer paper stencil.  Keep reading for the step-by-step.

Bobby Soxer 02

I don't know who first thought of ironing freezer paper onto fabric to create a stencil, but what an ingenious idea it was.

Start by printing an image of cat eye glasses from the internet.  I found some on a glasses website.  I copied the image and pasted into a Word document so I could resize to the approximate size.  Print it out.  Trace the shaped on to your freezer paper (make sure it's freezer paper and not regular waxed paper) and then cut it out using an Xacto knife remembering that the pieces that are removed will be in black.

01 Trace 02

With the shiny side towards your t-shirt, iron the freezer paper to the shirt.  Be careful to keep the stencil straight.

03 Iron

Before you start painting, it's helpful to place a piece of cardboard or something between the front and back of the shirt in case there is bleed.  Using the fabric paint and a stiff brush paint and then let it dry.  If necessary, you may need to do a second coat.

04 Paint

Once it is dry, very carefully remove the freezer paper.

05 Peel

You'll notice that in order to keep the lenses centered, I kept it attached to the frame.

06 Touch-up

Using a small brush, I just went in and touched up those areas.  The original website had black rhinestones for the glasses chain.  Very cute, but I feared they would come off and end up in Scout's diaper.  Instead, I just went back with fabric paint and dotted the chain.

07 Finished

Remember to check your fabric paint, because it may need to be heat set with the iron once it is dry.

To finish this look, I did buy Scout a pair of saddle shoes.

Saddle Shoes

I love saddle shoes.  Rykert, on the other hand, has deep seeded hatred for saddle shoes from his youth.  I decided to buy these because I thought they would be cute way beyond Halloween, and she needed some soft crib shoes to keep her socks on as the weather got cooler.  They are handmade of soft leather, and are very cute.  The problem is that she has tiny feet, so they are too big, for now.

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Vanessa said...

Such a cute costume!

Meagan said...

Oh this may be my favorite so far!!! I have a deep affinity for poodle skirts from my 4th grade costume - I have always wanted to recreate that look, maybe next year??? And saddle shoes NEVER go out of style :) You'll find the same with Mary Janes. Tell Rykert there is probably a picture of all of us cousins wearing our saddle shoes at Easter one year.

Knittripps said...

So many cute costumes! Keep up the good work!

Joy.VB said...

Oh my Gosh! Adorable. Do you sell these costumes by any chance?

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