Friday, October 07, 2011

Halloween, Part I: Ghost

When I started making a list of all of my baby Halloween ideas, I'll admit that we came up with a few that were just a bit over-the-top and bordering on inappropriate.  It crossed my mind, but there will not be a Lady Gaga costume this year, and besides which would we choose?  But there are certain costumes that are quintessentially Halloween, and our first entry into Scout's 2011 costume closet is one of them.

Our little ghost...

Ghost 02

White onesie
Black felt (for ghost face)
1 1/2 rolls of white tulle
1 piece 1/2" elastic
White tights

Ghost Onesie 02

I cut the eyes and mouth out of black felt, and then sewed them on to a basic white onesie.  It was incredibly simple.

For the tutu, I first cut strips of 6" tulle into lengths twice as long as the finished tutu plus a couple of inches to account for knot at the waistband.  I then tied them (double knots) around an elastic waistband that was slightly smaller than Scout's waist.

Ghost tutu

The headband was something we already had.

Ghost 01

Don't all ghosts wear patent leather mary janes and baggy tights?

A note: we were dealing with a perpetually runny nose during some of these photo shoots. I promise you she wasn't as miserable as she may appear.

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Knittripps said...

So cute! I love Halloween.

Abby said...

Mom always called baggy tights "looses." Good lookin' looses, Scout (not to mention the darling costume!). As always, well done, Libby!

c.w.frosting said...

What an adorable ghost! Of course ghosts wear patent mary janes. Are you & that pumpkin patch in Iowa City? I'll be there at the end of the month!

-caroline @ c.w.frosting

Libby said...

@Abby - all on Scout's tights are looses. I somehow managed to produce a long skinny baby. Whodathunk?

@c.w - yes Iowa City area.

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