Wednesday, October 19, 2011

6 months

We interrupt the Halloween costume parade to celebrate a milestone...

Dear Scout,

Today you are 6 months old.  That's half a year.  In another blink of an eye, we'll be celebrating your first birthday.  Yesterday you went to the doctor and got 4 shots.  You were not impressed, but calmed down quickly despite not having your pacifier.  But you are still growing like a weed.  I had my doubts due to the volume of spit-up we see on a daily basis.  You now weigh just over 15 pounds and are 26 inches long.  So, you're pretty tall for your age.

Scout 6 months chair 01

This has been another busy month.  It's fall now.  The leaves are falling, and the temperature is dropping.  You've been experiencing all sorts of new things.  Like the pumpkin patch:

Scout in Pumpkins 01

Last weekend you went for your first swim.  You were so confused, but seemed to enjoy yourself.  When we pull you through the water you kick your legs, but mostly you liked watching the older kids splash around.  Your dad swam circles around us, literally.  You did so well that I was calling you Janet, as in Janet Evans.

Your dad was happy to see that you are, at least for now, not one bit afraid of the water.  We made sure to leave while you were still enjoying yourself.

You're eating more and more solid foods, and I think you prefer it to bottles.  And you've started playing around with a sippy cup during your meals.  So far your favorite meal is homemade applesauce with bananas and oatmeal.  But you also like your carrots and sweet potatoes.

You can now sit in a restaurant high chair, at least for a little while.  This was an unexpectedly huge milestone.

At the start of this month you were sitting up with some support.  You quickly were sitting up with just a boppy pillow to catch your fall, and then all of a sudden you were sitting like a pro.

Now that you can sit, you want to sit all of the time.  You don't really like being on your tummy, but when forced you will scoot yourself forward a bit.  But it's not crawling yet.  Your new found mobility, via rolling, means that our monthly photoshoots end like this.

Scout 6 months and shes gone

This month you also started paying attention to Nola.  Mostly you just want to feel her fur.  She's patient with you and lets you grab her ears, mouth, nose, and hair, and she never really moves.

You are a calm, patient girl.  You suffer through my costume changes and photoshoots like a rockstar.  You're sleeping well at night, but sometimes wake once looking for your pacifier.  And as always, you love to be on the move: in the stroller, in the car, in the baby carrier.

Happy Half-Birthday Scout!

Scout 6 months rug 01

We love 'ya!
Your 'Rents

P.S. I apologize that we are documenting so much of your life via iPhone pictures, but it's more portable than the camera.  When you are older and reading this, I'll tell you about this antiquated technology.

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