Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Burning the candle from both ends...

I really thought things would have settled down by now, but alas.  Things are hectic mostly with my schedule.  I've been working long hours, squeezing in as many minutes as I can with Scout, working a bit more after she goes to bed, and then collapsing in bed or in front of the tv.  So basically, there has been little else and Rykert and I are like Old Mother Hubbard since we haven't been to the grocery store in, no joke, weeks.  But, there is light at the end of the tunnel, so I'm hoping that in another week things will have calmed down.  In the meantime, I've been easing the pain with some online shopping which is dangerous business.

Last night after putting Scout to bed, completing a couple of things for work and the laundry, I actually sat down at my new birthday serger and made a little something.  I have big plans for Halloween and the month of October.  Big plans, but we'll see what I can pull off.  So stay tuned, and I promise there will be interesting content again soon.

In other news, Scout made her debut at the water ski lake this past weekend.  Rykert had a tournament at his club lake (about an hour away), so we drove up to spend a few hours and so he could show her off.  I think she had fun and was a hit.  But my paranoia over the sun kept her out of the water (and greased up in sunscreen) and in the shade, but it was a really nice day.

At the ski lake 02
Greasy sunscreen skin, drooly bib, and runny nose.  That's about how things are around here.
Rykert likes to freak me out by talking about the first time she'll get to go over that ramp on skis.  But he has big plans to get her on the water in a couple of years, so let's just hope she likes the water, because she also has cousins that can't wait to teach her to swim and sign her up for the swim team when she's old enough.

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