Monday, September 19, 2011

5 months

Dear Scout,

Scout 5 months chair 03
Five months.  Seriously?  Five. Months.  I know I say this every month, but I just cannot believe how fast you are growing. I think I'm in shock.  I still love to tell the story about the day you were born, because it was crazy and awesome.  I doubt people want to hear it.  I was looking at your birth announcement the other day, and I couldn't help but wonder, "Who is that itty, bitty, dark-eyed baby?"  I think your eyes are officially blue as there isn't a hint of darkening going on, and whenever anyone peeks into the stroller or car seat, they almost always comment on your "big, blue eyes."

Scout 2
Full Disclosure:  This picture was foggy and needed to be saved, so the colors were enhanced.a wee bit
I'm still not sure who you look like, and opinions vary.  Your dad's ski friends thought you looked a little like him.  Your grandma Susie and others think you look like me or your aunts.  I'm still not sure, and it's hard to tell since I was such a chunky baby...


This month you became an official roller.  One day you just decided to do it, and now if we put you on your back, you immediately flip to your tummy within seconds.  You don't always remember that you can flip back and will sometimes whine from your tummy.  You flip over in the night and are sleeping soundly on your tummy most nights.

1 Rolling 1

1 Rolling 2

1 Rolling 4

Along with the rolling you've been scooting around.  I'm not sure how you do it, but you scoot yourself 180 degrees in the crib during the night.  On occasion, you pull your knees under you and scoot forward a bit on your tummy.  Yesterday, you rolled all the way across your room and back.  You've always liked to be on the go.

The past couple of weeks you've had your first cold.  Despite low grade fevers, a sometimes stuffy nose, a sometimes runny nose, and a cough, you've been your usual happy self and haven't fussed much at all.  The cough has interrupted your sleep, but for the most part, you're still sleeping well in your crib for most of the night and wake up maybe once looking for your pacifier.  We've been trying to let you figure out this sleeping thing and often, you "sing" or "talk" yourself to sleep.  But generally you are waking up around 6 for a bottle, eating, and then going back to sleep for a couple of hours.

On my birthday, we gave you your first cereal (oatmeal), and you liked it.

First Cereal 090311 04
That night you ate it like a champ.  Your cousin was really excited to help. She also combed the baby aisles at Target and picked you out some veggies to try next.

First Cereal 090311 03

But since then, you've been less interested in the cereal. So this week you had your first carrots.  You're doing pretty well with them, but they are so messy.

Carrots 091711 04

You've also had a few other tastes: frozen yogurt (not surprisingly, you liked it), Coke (this is what happened when I went out of town for work and you went to lunch with your daddy), potato (from your aunt and you spit it out exactly as it went in), and probably other things your cousins, aunts, or grandma may have let you taste behind my back.

This month you've also started "talking" more.  Lots of coos and oohs.  It is very cute.  Your Aunt and Dad think I am nuts, but I swear that in the morning as I'm changing your diaper and you are really hungry, you say "buh, buh, buh" and you mean bottle.  I swear.  I'd say there's a greater than 99% change that it's a pure coincidence and I'm projecting, but I think you might be advanced.  I'm just saying.

We also had our first giggles, and they are fantastically adorable.  Basically, like all parents, we think you are the most beautiful baby ever.  Ever.  And we fully admit to being completely biased in this assessment.

Scout 5 months rug 03

Fall is here.  We're wrapping you in sweaters and long pants and blankets.  I can't wait to take you to the pumpkin patch for a picture.

We love you,

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Christine Berger said...

Hi Libby! Long time reader, first time commenter. I love your blog and the Scout stories are wonderful too. Keep up the craftiness! Christine Berger

Julie @ Pickles and I Scream said...

I love that first picture. She seems to be saying "Yes, I'm a big girl!!" so cute!

Sounds like Scout will be crawling all over the place in no time!

Rachael Hendrickson said...

I, too, always think Ford looks so weird in his newborn pictures. Not at all like himself!

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