Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Evander Holydog

Before we moved into our current house, we lived in an absolutely awful apartment.  It was 2 bedrooms on the third floor, in a so-so neighborhood, and our neighbors were, to put it nicely, odd.  It didn't have air conditioning, and was dingy.  It basically was the one of the worst (though one of the cheapest) apartments around except for one day of the year, the 4th of July, when the tiny balcony provided the absolute best view ever for the local fireworks.  Anyway, we knew that when we moved we wanted, among other things, to have a yard with a fence and we wanted to get a golden retriever.  We were specific about the breed.  We had both grown up with beloved golden retrievers, and we knew that's what we wanted.  So a few months after moving, we brought Nola home.

07-22-07 Twins and Nola
Awww.  Where did that puppy go?  And those little girls are grown up now too...
I'm not one to infanticise or anthropomorphise my pets.   No.  A dog's a dog.  An important part of our family who we care for accordingly and who brings us much joy, but at the end of the day, a dog.  We don't refer to ourselves as her parents, and we certainly don't refer to her as our child.

Nola and Rykert 061409-02

That being said, Nola is Rykert's near constant companion.  They go running together.  They go to the ski lake together.  Before Scout arrived, Nola had an outing to the dog park or ski lake pretty much every day.  And while her daily trips have been reduced for this summer, Nola has adjusted well to Scout.  Initially, she showed very little interest, but now will walk by and give her a lick on the foot.  When we come home, Nola immediately runs to check on Scout in the carseat.  If Scout cries and we don't respond immediately, Nola will come and find us and look at us as if to say, "Are you going to get her or should I?"  However, some of Scout's night wakings are an annoyance to Nola, and Nola will often leave her bed and go downstairs to sleep where it is much quieter.

Scout and Nola 05

In the past few weeks, Scout has gotten incredibly observant of her surroundings.  With her newly found head control, she follows all movement and moves her head back and forth like she's watching a tennis match.  And occasionally, she'll actually take some interest in watching Nola.

Scout and Nola 06

But poor Nola.  A few weeks ago, Rykert went to a ski tournament.  Most of the ski tournaments (for those of you who didn't even know there was such a "thing" as three-event competitive water skiing) are held at small, private, man-made lakes.  Rykert received permission from one of the lake owners to bring Nola along.  She usually spends such days running along the side of the lake as Rykert skis, swimming, begging participants to give her attention or throw her beloved blue racket ball (it has to be blue and it has to be a racket ball), or positioning herself in the middle of a large group of people and shaking (her specialty).  Nola is the most calm, submissive dog that ever was, and she does not know an enemy.  When she was a puppy we took great care to expose her to other dogs, other people, and kids so that she would be the well-behaved, calm dog that she is.


On this particular day, Nola approached a small labradoodle.  Rykert asked the owner if their dog liked other dogs, and they gave no cause for concern.  As Nola approached for a sniff, the labradoodle snapped at Nola and took a piece of her ear.  Hence her new nickname in the title.

Nola's Ear 01

Poor Nola had to be sedated to have the wound fully cleaned.  But here's the kicker and the part that makes me the most incensed ... the owner's of the labradoodle never said sorry, never called to check in, nothing.  I forced Rykert to send them an email to tell them that it was more serious than they may be aware, and to just give them a chance to act like responsible dog owners.  But nothing.  While Nola has returned to her normal self, I'm still seething at these irresponsible dog owners.  I'm not really sure what else I can do unless I run into them, at which time I will give them a piece of my mind.  It's really not about the vet bill or anything else.  I just want them to be more aware dog owners, to get their dog the training and socialization it needs, or to just leave that dog at home.  I honestly would hate to even imagine what could have happened a year from now when our toddler might happen to toddle by this dog.

Am I over-reacting?  What do you think?

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Kelly said...

No, you are not over-reacting!!!!!!!!!! I have a dog, and if that happened to him I would be so utterly angry that it would be all I could do not to hurt someone!

Chrisknits said...

Not at all!!!! This dog needs some serious socialization. Without warning or provocation this dog attacked. These pet owners are not owners, they are wanna-bes. They need to have it impressed upon them that this is not acceptable. Not sure what you can get out of further correspondence, but I would likely send them the vet bill! I have two Mini Goldendoodles and I am soooo glad they received the loving nature of there Golden mom. I can't stand Miniature Poddles, but the mix sure makes beautiful dogs. I do not care for Labradoodles, first off, they are larger than mini goldens, and secondly, they seem so much more aggressive to me. Hope Nola heals quickly and isn't scared of other dogs now.

princessquiltandknitalot said...

People should have to pass a test before having pets or children. They should have at the least paid the vet bill. I am glad your beautiful golden retriever is ok.

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