Monday, August 01, 2011

Crinkle Toy

Once I discovered that I could wear Scout in a baby carrier, and she would actually (gasp!) take a nap, I decided to embark on some crafting.  I knew I needed a small project, and for some reason my knitting mojo disappeared shortly after Scout was born.  Actually, it disappeared before.

We were given a bunch of different small baby toys as gifts.  Scout really isn't very interested in them just yet.  Though she gets closer every day.  She does however enjoy sticking things in her drooly mouth and grasping different textures.  So, I whipped together these little tactile toys.  I don't think it's a shock that these are similar to another unbiqutious baby toy that's on the market.  And as an aside, I wish I had been the first person to sew ribbon tags on fabric and toys and make a mint.

Crinkly Toys 01
The front.
These are just squares of cotton fabric with looped ribbon around the edges.  They took no time to create.  Between the layers of fabric I sewed in a couple of pieces of cellophane so it makes a "crinkle" sound that is super interesting to Ms. Scout.  And yes, I'm aware that you should keep plastic bags away from babies, but when securely sewn between 2 pieces of fabric, everything's ok.

Crinkly Toys Back
The back.
I really wasn't sure if these would be the least bit interesting to Scout.  But I handed it to her and she immediately grasped it in her hands, crinkled the fabric, and put the ribbons in her mouth.


It's Scout approved.  This began an obsession with putting everything in Roy G Biv order and putting appliques on everything.  More to come...

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Chrisknits said...

I love creating something and then you imagine every other way you can make it, changing colors, placement, etc. I often spend more time in the planning than the execution!

Miss Julep said...

Awww! Sweet SUCCESS!!

Aleta said...

What a fantastic idea!! It makes sounds; it's bright; it has texture - great thinking!

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