Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Babywearing, Part II

After my post on my initial babywearing experience, I had an email exchange with ERGObaby customer service.  I told them that my only complaint with the original Ergo that I had purchased was that it was a bit hot, though understandably I know that wearing a baby strapped to your chest in the summer is going to be hot.  They very kindly offered to send me an ERGObaby Sport to try out.

It just so happened that it arrived while we were suffering through an insane heat wave.  I got into my car one day after work to see this on my dashboard.


While I realize that it was not, in fact, 109 degrees, I know that it was definitely over 100 plus humidity.  At any rate, it was not weather where I wanted to carry Scout in any baby carrier.  In fact, it was so hot that she really didn't even want to be held all that much.  Anyway, it cooled down, thankfully, and it's been incredibly nice.

My first observation in comparing the Original ERGO and the ERGO Sport was that the Sport is made from a lighter and softer fabric (a cotton/ poly blend as opposed to the Original's heavier cotton canvas). The overall design, however, is the same. Your baby rests against your body and is held securely and comfortably in place by the carrier.  The Sport has equally padded shoulder straps for comfort, and the buckles were easy to use.  The straps on the Sport extend to fit a wider range of body types as well.

Ergo Comparison

I adjusted the strap and loaded Scout.  She was equally as comfortable as she is in the original Ergo.  And it was every bit as comfortable for me.  It was certainly cooler.

Ergo Sport 02
Look at us, we're outside and not sweating like crazy for the first time in weeks!
The ERGO Sport does not have a front pocket, which was one of the features that I really liked about the Original.  But this is clearly by design, as it adds a couple of extra layers of fabric that add convenience but also adds to the warmth in hot weather. There is also a small slit for ventilation, which is great for my sweaty baby.

Ergo Sport 07

As the weather cools down, I do think that the Original ERGO will continue to get regular use around here. But the ERGO Sport is definitely a better alternative for heat or prolonged time outside. And I think Rykert will like the Sport for wearing Scout at the dog park this fall as well.

While I didn't think a baby carrier like this was something that I needed before I had a baby, I think it's probably a must-have for a lot of new moms.  You can comfortably carry your baby, who is also comfortable, and your hands are free to actually, you know, get things done.  A note of caution: if your baby is a Spitty McGee like mine, there is a chance that you will get spit up all over you.  But honestly, that's not different from any other part of our days with Scout right now.

ERGObaby provided the Sport carrier for this review.  However, I was not compensated in anyway, and the opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone.   

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Crafty Girl said...

I have an inherited baby bjorn (which I slipcovered myself I might add). I used it with Sam, but it's been so much more helpful with Audrey. I am not sure how I would get anything done without it.

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