Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The weekend that almost wasn't....

We had planned on going to my parent's house for the Fourth of July weekend. Our plans were almost thwarted, but we made it and had a really great weekend.

Scout celebrated her first 4th of July in style.

Scout 070411 01

And because I'm mean, I made her pose in a lady liberty crown.

Scout 070411 04

Unlike last year, when the festivities were cancelled due to rain, the weather was perfect. Perfect for a lemonade stand.

They made some serious coin. Of course it doesn't hurt when your grandparents provide prime real estate on the parade route rent-free and cover all of your start-up capital.

My nieces also pulled out this gem.

It's called a PPV which stands for People Powered Vehicle. They were produced during the early to mid 70s during the oil crisis. The driver and passenger independently pedal and it has a bit of room in the back for a small child or a bag of groceries. It's three speeds and I wouldn't want to go up much of a hill in it. According to the interwebs around 5,000 of them were made. Yet somehow, there was, at one time, 3 of them in my family. Sadly this one, my uncle's, is the only one that remains operable. (Through the magic of the interwebs, I'm not in possession of a pdf of the PPV maintence manual.) My sisters and I pedaled that thing all around when we were kids. My mom sent us the picture above, and my younger sister immediately texted back and asked, "Didn't it used to be bigger?" Apparently, we were just smaller. But we couldn't resist taking it for a ride.

After one time around the block, my legs were on fire and I was out of breath.

For additional nostalgia, my dad pulled out the lawn darts. To Rykert's excitement.

Lawn Darts 01

Lawn Darts 03

Tossing commenced, and no one was impaled.

Playing Lawn Darts 07

Scout goes to bed anytime between 7 and 9. If it's much later, it's bound to be a rough night. So we determined that the fireworks were probably not a good idea this year. But luckily, we could see the fireworks from my parent's front porch between a few trees. Scout slept through them like a champ, but Nola whimpered and cowered with each boom.

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Chrisknits said...

We didn't have a PPV, but Jarts, oh how I remember that box! It's a wonder we didn't have more injuries as children with that game around. Scout is just the cutest baby ever! And I had two beauts myself. So I know what I'm talking 'bout!

Sarah said...

Scout is such a little doll.

We played that exact same lawn darts game at my parents on the 4th. So much fun, and the thought of taking a dart to the head keeps everyone on their toes!

janna said...

Jarts! One of my uncle's had them, and we loved them! I don't think it ever occurred to us that someone might be injured...

And Scout looks adorable a Lady Liberty!

Abby said...

Scout is simply beautiful. She should be in pictures.

If memory serves, the PPV I remember tooling around in was yellow. With plenty of room for three. Sometimes four. Maybe one time five? And I agree, I swear it was a lot bigger.

Sorry we missed the lawn darts. Nothing says Americana like games that carry the risk of severe injury or death. Glad you had a happy Fourth - Scout surely was the belle of the ball!

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