Monday, July 25, 2011


From day zero, Scout has loved to suck.  She came into the world with sucking blisters indicating that she had probably been sucking on her hands or fingers on the inside.  Of course once she was out in the big, wide world, it was much more difficult for her to find those beloved fingers.  During our second day at the hospital, I asked the nurses for a pacifier.  Stat.  She took it and was immediately calmed.  There are lots of different shapes and brands of pacifiers, and I think we tried them all.  But ultimately she fell crazy in love for the Soothie.

The pacifier du jour.
Scout loves her pacifier.  She doesn't need it all the time, and she will spit it across the room when she's done with it.  This means that we were picking it up off the floor and washing it constantly.  Now we aren't germaphobic in the least, but we live with a golden retriever and even with constant vacuuming and sweeping there would be dog hair on our floors.  It's inevitable.  And for the most part, it doesn't bother me that much.  But obviously, I draw the line when it comes to the pacifier.  In the interest of tethering that pacifier to her, we looked high and low for pacifier clips and even bought a few at Target.  Unfortunately, because of the unique design of the Soothie (it doesn't have a handle to clip), none of the available tethers would work.  With necessity being the mother of invention and all, I set to work.

Scout 071011 07
Soothie love.
There are lots of tutorials on the interwebs for making simple pacifier clips/ leashes/ tethers.  Ultimately I used ideas from multiple sources.

Pacifier Tethers 01

It's really simple.  A piece of grosgrain ribbon looped and sewn on the sides and a piece of elastic looped on the end which will fit any type of pacifier (in case we move to something else).

Pacifier Tethers 04

It's really that simple.  I originally used suspender/ mitten clips from the fabric store for the ends, but the metal teeth seemed like they would snag her clothes.  So I purchased some clips from Etsy in two sizes (1" and 3/4") that have plastic teeth.  I used various ribbon in both 7/8" and 5/8" sizes.  Perhaps a tutorial to follow, but in the meantime there are plenty that can be found via a google search.

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Miss Julep said...

I LOVE how your version adapts to ANY style pacifier. AWESOME job!!

Aleta said...

Creative way to handle a pacifier situation :) LOVE that second shot - she's just too cute!

Brooke Buhl said...

Very cute! Scout is even cuter!


Kelly said...

I am totally copying this for Audrey!!!

Libby said...

@Kelly - You definitely should! I had intended to put together a really basic tutorial on how I did it, but never got around to it. It's so simple.

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog as I'm interested in making these. May I ask how you attached the clips? There's a metal circle at the end? Thanks!

Stephanie Smith said...

So cute! What kind of elastic did you use? It almost looks like a hair elastic :)

Libby said...

@Stephanie Smith - I did use a hair elastic. Over time the elastic would get stretched out or break. If I was making these again, I'd make the part where the elastic goes on snap so the elastic can be changed.

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