Thursday, July 21, 2011


One of my absolute pet peeves is when people talk about being "too busy."  I know I've done it from time to time.  The thing is that we all have the same number of hours in a day, it's just how we prioritize what we do with those hours.  When I was on maternity leave, my priority was Scout and so I did very little besides taking care of her.  Sometimes my priority is actually making things or doing stuff, so the blog goes silent.

That being said, I've always found that the busier I am, the more productive I am.  If you give me long expanses of free time, I will do exactly nothing.   This was particularly true when I was in college.  If I took a semester off from working or lightened my course load, my grades might slip a bit.  But if I filled my semester with 18 credit hours, a work study job, and a volunteering gig, those grades would rebound and I'd probably find more time for "cultural" activities as well.  I can't explain this.  But it's proving to be true since I've been back to work.

Since being back at work my day have been very full.  I've been getting up anywhere between 4:30 and 6:30 or whenever Scout wakes up.  I work all day and sometimes meet Rykert and Scout for a quick lunch, and then rush home to spend the evening with Scout until she falls asleep anywhere between 7:30 and 9. 

But somehow, even though I have less unscheduled time, I've been able to get more done.  A few minutes of sewing or knitting here and there and it's starting to add up to little finished projects.  The hardest part of all of this is finding the balance.  Trying to decide when I should spend 30 minutes of my evening cleaning or crafting while leaving Scout with Rykert.  Or trying to balance a late conference call on an important work issue with my time with Scout and Rykert.  And on and on.
So I'm relaunching the blog, with a fresh face and a new name.  I have no plan, and generally speaking I don't work well without a plan.  I don't think the content will change much around here, though I'd love to read more comments (hint, hint) and make the content a bit more interactive to elicit such comments.

My new home:

The old blog address will continue to forward to the new domain.

I did some research about switching platforms to Wordpress, and I discovered that it would not be as difficult as I thought.  I've used Wordpress before, and find that it's every bit as easy to use as Blogger. 
So why did I stick with Blogger:
  1. I thought it was likely that I would lose some pictures in various posts.  Most of the pictures on here are hosted on a third party site (Flickr).  But in the very early years and on occassion since, I've uploaded images directly through Blogger.  I wasn't sure whether images hosted on Blogger would survive the transition to Wordpress.  For those of you thinking about changing blog platforms or going to an independently hosted blog consider this.  I don't know the ins and outs but know it should be considered.
  2. I write most of my posts using HTML rather than the "Compose" functionality in Blogger.  I know, old school.  It's not that I know much about HTML.  I know very very little, but when I first started blogging, it was the only option so I learned a few basics (linking, embedding images, etc.)  It turns out Blogger has a new "Compose" editor and I had yet to upgrade.  I upgraded and it's much better.
  3. I purchased a premade template and banner from a website.  While this isn't the custom blog design I was hoping for, it was much cheaper.  And for now, I like it.  There's still work to be done.
  4. I finally took the plunge and bought my domain.  Why I didn't do this years and years ago is a big mystery...
For now, I'm staying put on Blogger.  It's part of the Google empire, so it's nice to have everything linked back to my Google accounts.

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Anonymous said...

Love the facelift! You were born busy and haven't stopped. I so admire that! Even as a toddler you could fall asleep mid-thought and pick up exactly where you were in the morning. Best to you on the "new" blog. Love. Mom.

Abby said...

Love the new look! If you run out of things to do to keep yourself busy, let me know and I can send a few things your way. You like cats, right? ;-) Oh - and by the way, Scout just gets prettier every day. Her 3 month pics are gorgeous. She'll be breakin' hearts at daycare in no time. Give her an Atlanta squeeze from us...

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