Monday, June 13, 2011

Random Update.

I'm still here. We've just been busy and enjoying every moment of maternity leave.

Scout 060211 02

Scout is doing fantastic. She will be 8 weeks old tomorrow, and she is a very mellow baby. We know we are lucky to have such a calm baby who pretty much just goes with the flow. She's not super fussy, and pretty much only cries to communicate - hungry, wet, overtired. She's been sleeping through the night* every so often, which gives us hope knowing that it will happen regularly eventually. When she isn't sleeping through, she wakes up once to eat. Of course, we've adopted the "By Any Means Necessary" school of thought on the sleep so it isn't perfect. But I'm home alone a few nights a week and so I've been doing whatever I have to in order to get some sleep. I know we are very lucky. Our "By Any Means Necessary" approach means that we've done a whole bunch of things that the parenting "gurus" would say are less than ideal, and we're working on those. On that, I've discovered that no matter what the parenting or baby question, if you Google it, you will find someone else with a baby who is acting the same way and then you will find contradictory answers to the question. I need to stop Googling.

Last week, Scout had her first trip to the yarn store. I want to knit her a Christmas stocking, and know that I need to get an early start. So I picked a pattern, bought the yarn, and got a good chunk finished during naps and when Rykert wasn't working. But then I took the project outside and realized that the "red" I was using was more a brownish/burgundy color and the whole thing was just off. It's back to the drawing board on that. I think I will set it aside for now.

The weekend before last, Scout and I went with my parents, sisters, and nieces to the Chicago 'burbs to see Glee Live in Concert. It was a quick trip, but it was nice to leave the zip code, and Scout was in good hands at the hotel with my parents while I went to the show. I've never seen so many screaming girls in one place in my life. On our way home, we stopped in Le Claire. Any History Channel fans will know that Le Claire is home to Antique Archaeology. We stopped for gas, and who did we run into? One of the American Pickers.

I finally got Scout's birth announcements sent. At least most of them.

scout 2
This is the version I ended up sending...

I purchased these through Etsy seller West Willow. She did a great job!

scout 1
This was the version that I almost used. I loved it though.

Unfortunately, my maternity leave is winding down and I will be back to work next week. It makes me incredibly nervous and sad, but it's a reality. Sigh.

*Apparently, the clinical definition of "sleeping through the night" at this age is a 5-6 hour stretch. And she's doing that just about every night. But practically speaking, I don't call that "sleeping through the night."

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RadioactiveUnicorn said...

Those announcements are adorable!

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

She is so precious! Loved our announcement - adorable :) and I predict in about 4 more weeks, you will be enjoying 8-10 hour stretches in no time. Will be thinking of you when you go back to work. Kiss that sweet girl for me :)

Chrisknits said...

Throw away the "expert" advice and just parent the way your child needs. Every baby is different, every situation is different. What worked for one family isn't what is needed for yours. As love as the baby has love and the basic needs met, she will be fine. Just use your time to blanket that precious bundle in love!

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