Sunday, June 19, 2011

2 Months

Scout 2 months - rug 02

Dear Scout,

Today you are 2 months old. As of two days ago, you weigh over 10 pounds. I had to pack away the newborn sized clothes. When you were first born, I was pretty sure you were going to be a brown eyed girl, but everyday your eyes are getting lighter blue. When people see you the first thing they say is what big, beautiful eyes you have. The jury is still out on your hair, but the little that you have appears to be lightening as well. You are starting to hold your head up and are getting stronger everyday.

Scout 2 months - chair 03

Your second month has been full of more firsts:

  • Your first true smile.

  • Scout 052411 01

  • Your first road trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

  • Your first party for Wil's graduation. Despite the ninety degree heat, I insisted that you wear a wool sweater and hat long enough for a picture.

  • Scout in her sweater and hat 01

  • You slept through the night for the first time, and have repeated on a few more occasions. We are so proud. Otherwise, you consistently sleep a 6 hour stretch at the beginning of the night followed by shorter stretches.

  • Your first hotel stay.

  • Your first babbles.
We don't want to impose a strict schedule on you (as if we could), because things are going to be in flux around here. And even when we are both back to work, your schedule will vary each week. But we've started developing a bit of a routine following your lead. You wake up, eat, smile while we have breakfast, and then go back down for a morning nap (hopefully), usually in your swing. Sometimes you have another nap in the late afternoon. Sometimes we miss it altogether and you have a catnap in the evening. Or, more likely, you refuse to nap altogether and get good and over-tired by evening. When the weather cooperates, we've been taking an evening walk. And then it's bedtime. You aren't crazy about sleeping in your crib. At all. You'd much rather sleep the night in your swing or car seat. We're doing everything we can to get you to like your crib more. But most of all, you like to be held.

Your 2 month birthday is bittersweet. Tomorrow my maternity leave ends and I have to go back to work. Boo. For the first couple of weeks you'll be home with your dad or at your aunt's house, and I may sneak a few lunches and afternoons at home as well. And then you'll start day care part-time. I have to admit to being pretty heartbroken about not spending every day with you - especially when you are changing and learning so much every day. But it is what it is.

But here's the thing, I'm pretty lucky that I have a job that I enjoy working with people I actually like. It's kind of a rarity. As much as I would love to stay home with you everyday, it's just not possible. I invested a lot of time and resources and worked incredibly hard to get through school and establish a career. So for now, we're going to try really hard to make it all work, and in the next few months we'll hopefully settle into a new routine. But luckily my work understands that you come first. And you always will.

The past 2 months have been really incredible. And we know that it's always going to keep getting better and better.


'Yo Momma.

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Emily said...

We are excited to have Scout over ANY time! She will be spoiled rotten! Mwahahahaha.

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