Thursday, April 07, 2011

Nursery Tour

I am ready to say that I am finished with the baby's room. All it needs is, well... a baby. And I could not be more pleased with the way it turned out. Let me start by saying this, when it comes to our house, we're pretty utilitarian. Decorating isn't a primary concern; we're all about function over form. Of course that doesn't stop me from reading lots of design blogs and wishing that my house looked like those featured. The baby's room marks the only time that we have completely cleared out a room and then very methodically and thoughtfully put it back together. We didn't spend a ton to redecorate. We repurposed what we could and tried to only purchase the necessities (though we probably didn't achieve the latter).

But here it is, with a few DIY projects as well.


The one necessity that we knew we would have to purchase was a crib. And it was very generously gifted to us. The print over the crib was purchased from this seller on etsy. The frame was bought on the cheap and then meticulously spray painted (that's a common theme). Embarassing story about the frame. I purchased open back frames for the prints, and then had to purchase the glass. Unfortunately, it didn't come with anyway to secure the backing to the frame. So one night in a pregnancy induced stupor I asked Rykert to bring me the staple gun, stat. I could tell that he was reluctant and he tried to convince me of a different, more complicated way to secure the glass and print to the frame. But I was in a hurry and didn't listen. So I stapled around the edges thinking it was perfect. I then picked up the frame and the shattered glass came crashing down making a huge mess. Lesson learned.

Do you see that pink rug? My parents brought us that a few weeks ago. It's super soft, and made from t-shirts or just jersey fabric. We love it. The only problem is that so does a certain four-legged, red haired member of our family who is currently in the middle of prime shedding season. If we forget to close the door to the nursery at night, we'll wake up to find that she's snuck in there to spend her night lounging on the soft rug.

Nursery - Corner

This corner cabinet came from my parent's house. I'm not sure where it was purchased originally. I replaced the knobs using cheap porcelain knobs from Hobby Lobby.

Nursery - Book Sling

I wasn't sure what to put on this wall. I made this book sling using this tutorial. It seriously took longer to mount on the wall than it did to sew. I'm still debating adding a second sling just below this one. What do you think?

Nursery - Chair Corner 02

I went back and forth on whether or not we needed a chair in here, and I'm honestly still up in the air about how much use it will get, but the color is exactly what I had in mind.

Nursery - Changing Table

For some reason, I really didn't think we needed a changing table. In my limited experience with babies, I think I've always just changed diapers on a blanket on the floor. But for some reason I was compelled. It's a cheap (but sturdy) dresser from Target with replaced knobs to gussy it up and a changing pad on the top. I've had the clothesline planned for a very long time, and Rykert helped me put it together with a few bucks worth of supplies from Lowes.

The print over the dresser was purchased from this etsy seller. The little red table next to the dresser was salvaged from my aunt and uncle's storage years ago and has been living in our garage holding a chain saw. It was a little dated and had a dark wood finish and a dated brass handle, but a can of spray paint and new hardware gives it new life. I've suddenly found myself looking all over our house for things that I can spruce up with a can of spray paint.

Nursery - Closet

I sort of hate bi-fold and sliding closet doors. They remind me of the crappy apartments I lived in during law school where the closet doors never closed properly or constantly fell off their tracks. Because we completely changed the trim color, the closet doors had to be replaced anyway. Once they were gone, I quickly came to the conclusion that they weren't going back. Eventually we might put new doors on the closet, but for now, I think the curtains make the room a little lighter and provide easy access to all of the stuff while also hiding it.

And that's it. I still have a few project in my head, but for now we are calling it done, and we are very happy with it.

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Miss Julep said...

What a fantastic nursery!!

Jennifer said...

It's absolutely perfect! I love the bright colors you chose. Kudos on going with a changing table. Somewhere along the way, your lower back will thank you! The clothesline with hats is just too darned sweet. Best of luck with the rest of the journey. It looks like you're 100% ready.

Sarah said...

I love the colors; bright and cheery yet still calm feeling.

I was just browsing spray paint yesterday at the Depot and had a sudden flash of about a dozen things I could paint and re-purpose. After reading this, it's on.

RadioactiveUnicorn said...

That room looks great! Do you know where your parents got the rug from? I am looking to get a similar one in bright orange...

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