Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finishing the Unfinished.

Do you know what I'm really really good at? Conceiving and starting projects. I have notebooks full of ideas. Lots of ideas. I constantly send myself emails with links to cool tutorials and projects from across the interwebs. And I start projects with gusto. But following through? Not so much. I get distracted by new ideas. I get frustrated by the speed bumps and less fun parts of projects. As a result, for every finished project you see, there are multiple unfinished projects lingering in the background. Such was the case with these poor dollies.

Unfinished Dolls

These are destined to be gifts. Originally, I had a blonde girl and the brown haired girl. But when I was turning the body of the brunette right-side out, I pricked my finger on a rogue pin and got a tiny dot of blood on her face. So she had to be washed which resulted in shrinkage and a bit of fuzz. She's still completely cute, but I just wasn't comfortable gifting her alongside her larger, unfuzzy, blonde friend. So I cut another blonde. And so with arms and legs attached (except for the third one), they languished on the stool for weeks. But then last weekend, I had a burst of energy and sat down and finished them. I'm smitten with them, and think each seems to have her own personality.

Finished Dolls 01

I really love this pattern from Wee Wonderfuls.

Finished Dolls 03

I highly recommend it.

Finished Dolls 04

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~RaenWa~ said...

I don't have any kids but I wish I was a better at sewing. Those are so cute I would make one for myself lol.
I bet the recipients will love them.

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