Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Felt Flower Headbands.

After I made the silk flower headbands, I decided to use the leftover elastic to make a few with felt flowers. The first are the simplest kind of felt flowers to make, but it does require a bit more precision with the glue gun (you can see why in the picture). I think that I may like them more than the silk flower versions. What do you think?

Felt Flower Headbands 01

I also found a tutorial online for a felt rose. The original instructions called for sewing the pieces together, but I decided to hot glue it together instead.

Felt Rose Headbands
And a daisy headband as well...
Felt Daisy Headband
As with most quick projects like this, I got a bit carried away. So there are more felt flowers that may become headbands in the future.
Felt Flowers

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Meagan said...

Love, love, love the daisy!! So cute!

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