Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Evidence that I may have lost my mind.

In January, the first seed catalogs arrived. And I said, quite emphatically, that I wasn't going to do a complete garden this year. Maybe just a tomato plant. And some lettuce. There has to be lettuce. It came time to start the lettuce, and I did.

Lettuce Seedlings 031911

And then the snow melted, and I saw our sad raised beds, and I said, again with conviction, maybe we can plant a garden but just use nursery seedlings rather than start seeds. Rykert filed his reservations worrying that we may not be able to find seedlings. I filed my reservation that has to do with a certain infant who will be arriving during peak planting time. But then I thought some more, and decided that I would start tomatoes and peppers, but I just wouldn't go overboard and plant more than we needed. And then I did.

Tomato and Pepper Seedlings 031911

Understandably, I knew there would be some attrition when we transplant, but still, I lost my mind. That's still a lot of seedlings.

Seedlings 040211 02

The caveat was that Rykert had to agree to take on more responsibility than previous years. When it comes time to "harden off" the plants, you have to take them in and out every day to get them used to the bright sun and changing temperatures. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but it truly is a lot of work. And well, so far he's taken on the lion's share of the work so far as far as the watering goes, because of the stairs and bending involved. We have a plan, and that's that. Having access to some fresh vegetables is important to us, so even though it will likely be more over-run with weeds than previous years, it will be planted. Eventually. I have zero expectations for the yield. And well, if it gets neglected so be it. Like I said, it's important to us, and so we'll find the time. And to be honest, I'm sort of annoyed at people who say (or imply) that we'll no longer have time for anything unrelated to basic baby care. (These are the same people that say, "Your life will never be the same," with this ominous tone like it's a really, really bad thing. But really, isn't that the whole point?) Perhaps these will be famous last words.

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RadioactiveUnicorn said...

Yeah... we've got 24 different types of plants for our 4'x12' raised beds. And I never even wanted to go outside last summer due to the heat and mosquitoes. I have no idea what's gotten into me. Maybe I'm feeling extra nurturing now or something?

Emily said...

Well, I've nominated Dad to help Anna and Grace plant a garden, so we'll take some of those plants off of your hands...

Anonymous said...

Your life will never be the same......in the most amazing, wonderful and miraculous ways possible! As for the time factor, you will have plenty of time for the things you've always had a passion for. And, know there's always someone who would love to hold that precious little girl while you get your hands dirty. And I know some others who will love to help too. Signed, Can't Wait!!!!!

Crafty Girl said...

We have still managed to do all our gardening, yard work, projects, etc. Sometimes things take longer, but who cares. Besides, sunshine and fresh air are good for babies!

Meagan said...

You WILL have time for non-baby related things. In fact, it's crucial to have other things to do that don't involve baby and that you enjoy. It will keep your mind fresh. You will have time to shower, time to brush your teeth and all the other things that people say you won't have time to do. But whether you choose to do that or take a nap, well :)

Anya said...

People who say that are EXTREMELY ANNOYING. I've heard that since people first found out I was pregnant with our first. They even said it when I was pregnant with the 2nd. Your life will never be the same. But you'll still have a life, if you want one. I work full time, knit full time, garden and pickle and jar and cook and paint. I have two kids and my husband and I are both attorneys busy and overwhelmed with life. But we make time for things. The annoying know-it-alls are just miserable and don't know how to snap out ofit. We always have a garden, so don't stop yourself. It might not be weeded daily :) but we always have tons of yummy veggies, berries and greens (even potatoes) ENJOY!

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