Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Among the baby hats that I knit last year, I really like this striped hat.

Black and white stripes hat

I wanted to knit a sweater to "go" with it. I went through the unbelievable number of patterns on Ravelry, and decided to knit the Baby Valentine Sweater. (Ravelry Link.) It was fun to knit, and has my favorite construction technique - rounded garter stitch yoke with a lace patterned body.

Heart Sweater

I'm happy with the result. Though, if I was knitting it again, I would have added another pattern repeat to the body to give it a bit more length. The pattern said to knit the body until 1" from desired length. I hate that kind of instruction. So, the result is that proportionally the sweater seems a bit short. I would guess the size to be somewhere between 0-3 months. I think.

But I'm not sure that it "goes" with the hat as I had intended.

Heart Sweater with Stripey Hat

Oh well. I like them both anyway. And maybe, if time allows, I could knit a black and white stripey sweater with heart shaped elbow patches or heart shaped pockets or something.

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RadioactiveUnicorn said...

I love that sweater! I think it goes with the hat, too.

Meagan said...

It totally goes!!! So precious - and that was actually my favorite hat that you displayed from the others you did. Love it. So talented.

janna said...

I love hearts in any incarnation, so I think these go together just fine. However, I also think heart-shaped elbow patches on a black and white sweater would be absolutely adorable!

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