Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby Crafts

Months and months ago, once I passed the initial discomfort of the first trimester, I started a project to sew bibs. I thought it would be the perfect gift for all of the new babies that were due around me. But I was overly ambitious in my scale and attempted to complete way too many. And so they languished in a state of near completeness...

Bibs - unfinished

Terry cloth on one side and flannel on the other. The problem was that top-stitching is not my bag. And setting all of those snaps intimidated me. They're still not done. But with all of the scrap flannel I made some burp cloths.

Burp Cloths 01

Unlike the languishing (and frustrating) bibs, this was a zen-like project. Just a bit of ironing and then zig-zagging the flannel to the center of a pre-fold cloth diaper. It was seriously zen-like, and I would have kept on sewing had I not run out of diapers. Now, the cloth diaper makes a perfectly acceptable burp cloth on its own, but the flannel makes it a wee bit cuter and uses up the scraps left over from the bib project. I know I've seen similar cloths on etsy, and after making 20 in a matter of hours, I'm pretty sure the etsy sellers must be using designer fabrics and higher end diapers or something. I have enough fabric to make many many more.

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~RaenWa~ said...

Those really came out very cute. I like the skulls & hearts.

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