Sunday, March 27, 2011

37 weeks.

Another week closer.

37 weeks 02
And with the baby's room pretty much complete, I've lost my photo background.

Another trip to the OB this week, and there's nothing to report. Except that things are moving forward precisely as they should be and seem to be moving toward the big show, which is, of course, a good thing. I'm very happy to report a continued clinically boring pregnancy.

We also took the first of our "Caring for a Newborn" classes this week. When I signed up for these classes I was concerned that the information would be too basic. Or that it would be us, first time parents in our 30s, and the potential new cast of 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom.

But the truth is, neither of us has a ton of experience with babies. I did a bit of babysitting when I was growing up. But while my entrepreneurial spirit loved The Babysitters Club, I wasn't a die hard babysitter as a teenager. I liked kids, but I was never crazy about being in other people's houses. I moved back to Iowa right after my nieces were born, and I did help out with them quite a bit when I was in law school. So I can change a diaper and know the basics. Rykert, on the other hand, refused to change diapers until the baby had at least 50% of his DNA. Which means, it's game on. I'm happy to report that he diapered the class "baby" quite well. And he's been in car seat and stroller bootcamp practicing putting them together. And I'm happy to report that the class was quite practical and is probably a good idea even for people who think they have a ton of baby care experience. This week we have the second part of the class.

We're also pretty much finished with the baby's room, and I've nearly completed all of the baby laundry. So, while the house and yard are still a bit of a mess, I would say that we are very close to ready. Work is another story, but I'm going to get that in shape this week hopefully.

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RadioactiveUnicorn said...

The lineup of hats on the wall pretty much just killed me with adorableness.

Rykert said...

2 things:

"clinically boring" is a term I use regularly, which you "borrowed."

Also, the sweater obscures the baby gut, lessening the week-by-week expansion effect.

L said...

Perhaps this sweater camoflauges the belly, but Rykert, you see the other extreme: t-shirts that barely cover it and are obscene to be worn in public in my current state.

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