Saturday, March 19, 2011

36 weeks.

I was told at the doctor last week that this baby could come anytime. I mean there's no reason to believe that it will be sooner rather than later. But it has to be said that it freaks me out a wee bit. Earlier this week I was convinced that I was going into labor. My belly was getting rock hard (which I'm told are just Braxton Hicks) for longer periods of time, I felt incredibly feverish, my head was pounding, and I was having some other issues. It turns out that I was just hot.

But here we are at 36 weeks.

36 Weeks 02
While I've certainly gained weight in my arms, there's also part of my other arm peaking through making it look worse.

After last week's baby shower and weeks of neglect, the baby's room had descended into chaos.

Baby Room Before 031911

Truthfully, I had already made a bit of progress before this was taken. Sad. Pretty much every tool we owned had made its way into the room to add to the chaos. Thankfully, my parents came over for the day today to give us a hand with getting things in order and a few other household improvements (leaky faucets and faulty light fixtures). After a day's work, it's looking much better.

Baby Room After 01 031911

We're still missing a few things, but it's so much better. And I feel much better knowing that if she makes her arrival early, we won't be coming home to that mess.

And so here we are. I'm the short puffy one who could use a fake tan.

Me and Rykert 031911

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Anonymous said...

The room looks great! All ready for Baby (don't forget to name her) to make her appearance. You guys look like a happy young couple anticipating the greatest miracle ever! I don't see a short puffy one. Just a beautiful young woman with the healthy (thankfully) glow of pregnancy.

Lovemook said...

The room and you guys look great!

Crafty Girl said...

I love your corner shelf. Where did you get it???

L said...

@ Crafty Girl - you're the second person today to ask me that. And the answer is: I salvaged it from my parent's house. I'm not sure where they purchased it. Let me see what I can find out.

Martha said...

you look darling...can't wait for you guys to experience the best days of your lives!!!!

Lacey said...

YOU ARE A CUTE PREGNANT PERSON!!! Let's skype anyway....maybe Sunday. If our X*$&@!! internet is working yet...

Anonymous said...

Cutest baby's room ever!! Precious picture of both of you.
Anxiously awaiting new baby.

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