Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snowmageddon! Snopocalypse! Sn-OMG!

We live in Iowa. And a fact of living in Iowa is that there will be 4 seasons, and generally speaking, 2 of them can be pretty extreme. Or at least one of them can. The reality of winter in Iowa is that there will be ice, snow, wind, and really cold temperatures. But we live here anyway, and I think it's because the other three seasons are so beautiful that we annually forget just how miserable the winter can be.

I remember a lot of ice storms and blizzards when I was a kid. Schools would shut down or we might lose power. I have one extremely vivid memory when I was maybe 9ish when we had driven to my aunt, uncle, and cousin's in northern Iowa. We started driving back and foolishly drove right into a blizzard. It was seriously scary. It was completely white out conditions and there was no way to tell whether we were on the road or in the ditch. We made it off the interstate and spent the night sleeping at a Happy Chef restaurant, which has its own stories and was as unpleasant as it sounds.

But since Rykert's been living in Iowa, I don't think we've had a real, true blizzard. Sure we've had some significant snow, some incredible winds, and some insanely frigid temperatures. But we've taken to mocking the local weatherpeople, because it seems like they are always getting so excited about an approaching storm, and it inevitably fizzles out or misses the area entirely. They never cease to amaze me with their alarmist predictions. But every once in a while they have to be right, right? And this week, they were 100% accurate. By Tuesday afternoon the winds were picking up and the snow was starting to fall. I left work early to hunker down. By the time we went to bed the winds were howling and blowing the snow and we couldn't see the end of our driveway. And then this morning we woke up to this:

Seriously deep drifts
This picture really doesn't do it justice.

Rykert didn't work last night and I am lucky enough to be able to work from home on these occasions. Unfortunately (for Rykert), my "delicate condition" meant that I couldn't help with the shoveling. So Rykert bundled up and headed out...

You can't tell but he really is smiling

Our front door couldn't be opened due to drifting.

Drifted Shut
Taking this picture reminded me that I really want a new front door.

And the end of our driveway was stuffed with dense, heavy snow about four feet high (thanks to the first pass of the plow on our street). For good karma, he helped our neighbors out. And a few hours later, the driveway and front sidewalk were clear.

Of course, the deck off our bedroom also had a 3 foot drift.

Bedroom Deck 01

Eventually, we were dug out. The streets around us are still largely unplowed or half-plowed. So we spent the rest of the afternoon inside. I worked and Rykert started on our taxes. And that was our snow day. It's also Groundhog Day, and I hear that he did not see his shadow which means an early spring? Sounds good to me.

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Abby said...

Holy cow. Thinking of you guys. Spent much of my day imagining what Mercer Park looked and sounded like last night. I don't know whether to laugh or... well, laugh.

And by the way, yeah, that pineapple oj doesn't suck. I drank half the jug for breakfast. I spent much of the day sloshing when I walked. Oh, and with a burning esophagus and now canker sores.

Truth be told, I will likely have more tomorrow. Either I'm a glutton for punishment or just a glutton for pineapple oj.

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