Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quick Nursery Project

I read a lot of blogs. Lots. And one of the things that has been prevalent for the past year or two have been fabric buntings. Basically just fabric flags strung together. I decided that I would sew a couple for Whatshername's room - specifically for over the windows and the closet. I started by drawing a triangle (using a little high school geometry) on a file folder to create a template, and then I cut a bunch of triangle out of iron-on interfacing and various cotton fabrics (mostly fat quarters).

Triangles 02
This is way more triangles than I will need, and more patterns than I want to use.

I then used extra wide, double fold bias tape to sew them together, and voila!

Bunting 01

This is not a great picture, but you get the idea. I think they perk up the cheap curtains nicely. The window still needs blinds. A longer string of flags will go over the closet eventually.

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D. Huezo said...

That's cute and clever. I'm making some of those for my plushies's workshop.

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