Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Last year, I had a "plan" to open an Etsy shop. In preparation, I, among other things, knit a whole bunch of baby hats. Of course, work and life intervened and I never got things in order to move forward. So I had a whole bunch of hats sitting in a box. However, they will not go to waste. I now have a whole bunch of baby hats in multiple sizes for Whatshername. And they are apparently thematic for that holiday earlier this week.

Pink White Stripes

Black and white stripes hat

Red and Pink Stripes Hat

Black and white polka dots hat

Blue and White Stripes Hat

Each was knit using various leftover yarns - mostly Lion Brand Cotton Ease. I didn't really use patterns, but just sort of cast on and then decreased.

Of course, this hasn't stopped me from knitting more hats and I have a couple more planned. And there are a couple of stray hats that just need a bit of finishing and will be ready. Now, I realize that a spring baby will not likely need this many hats. So anything that isn't worn, will be saved for gifts or donated or sold...

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Judi A. said...

Love everyone of your hats! "Whatshername" will have a very well dressed head. :-) Read your post of 2/13 and "Whatshername's" schedule. Of course she's sleepy and still during the day because you are moving around and rocking her to sleep. Sit down and scrunch her up and naturally she will let you know with a nudge or kick or two! Once out and on her own, she will probably be her most unhappy and demanding right when you are trying to prepare and get dinner on the table. That's when now she is used to being very "rocked." she'll adjust, as will you! Nothing in the world like motherhood! :-)

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