Saturday, February 26, 2011

33 weeks.

I've had the most confusing week. For some reason, I thought Wednesday was Tuesday. And so I've been off a day ever since. But here we are at 33 weeks. A few weeks ago, I stopped with the fruit pictures, because I had leveled off and it was multiple weeks of "squash." But this week's email, indicates that the baby is now the size of a honeydew.
She feels much bigger. And I look like she's bigger.

33 WEEKS 02
That t-shirt is working hard.

I had my regular doctor's appointment this week. And as per the trend, there's not much to report. I'm measuring almost right on schedule. Her heartbeat is a steady 153. My ankle is still swollen and sore from last week's fall, but it's likely just exacerbated by my increased blood volume so I'm still ignoring it. This week I also had to stop wearing my wedding ring. I think it was dangerously close to needing to be cut off at the ER.

Baby still doesn't have a name. And frankly, she won't have a definite name until she's born. Despite some well-meaning and constant inquiries, we're not keeping any secrets here. If I knew and didn't want to tell I'd just say that. I've been thinking about it, and I've decided that I just won't be able to commit until she's here wiggling around on the outside. Until then, I guess it's hard for me to see her as being separate from me, and so even if we had decided definitively on a name, I'd be uncomfortable using it before she arrives. But I will say that we have had discussions and we have favorites, and despite what said well-meaning people may believe, we will not, in fact, forget to name our baby.

I made a list this week of things we need to do before the baby comes. It ranges from the exceedingly mundane...

To the home improvement related:

  • Fix water pressure issue and replace water softener. (The fact that I've lived with this issue for nearly 4 years is a testament to the patience I didn't know I had.)

To the annual spring preparations:

  • Plan garden and start seeds. (Am I insane?)

To the exceedingly practical and realistic:

  • Call and schedule Merry Maids.

Of course there's much more.

I'm also working on finalizing all of the documents related to my maternity leave. It's very odd to have to plan in advance when you have no idea when the big day will be here. My plan for now is to work up until the end, and then take 9 weeks leave after the baby is born. Yes, for a variety of professional and personal reasons I'm going to back to work after she arrives. For us, there really wasn't any discussion or any other option. Rykert will hopefully stay home another 4-6 weeks after I go back (he'll be the guy at the dog park wearing the baby in a Baby Bjorn type carrier like baby Carlos in The Hangover), and then we'll start day care part-time in August. That's the plan as of today. Unforeseen issues would of course change all of that that, but luckily we have some flexibility. Unfortunately, we don't live in Norway.

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Abby said...

James has some ideas for a name. He says you could name the baby:

"Libby or Wilson or R2D2 or Bone".
"Or what about Chewie?"
"Or Red?"
"And White?"
"Or what about Nutcracker?"
And he has "one more and that's Fran."
"Wait, one more name: Bell Tower."

And he says "hi," and wants you to have your baby today.

Crafty Girl said...

I have to work too. No option here either, but it's ok. As my son has grown I have realized I would be a terrible stay at home mom!

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