Monday, February 21, 2011

32 weeks.

Oy. I missed posting for week 32. Last week was pretty busy, and I just forgot. I don't have a picture today.

I spent the weekend at my parent's. On Friday I missed a curb and fell, but luckily caught myself on my hands and knees. It was quite the vision of grace. By Friday night my foot was pretty swollen, but I could put some weight on it by Saturday and it appears to be a little better still today. So, it's probably just a sprain. Of course the last time I broke my foot, I walked around on it for 3+ weeks before I went to the doctor (followed by 3 weeks in a boot and 3 weeks in a cast), so who knows. But in my "condition", I'm unwilling to have an x-ray unless it's really really bad, and based on the improvement, I'm calling it a sprain.

Less than 2 months out. It's probably about time for panic.

I finished a baby hat last night, but the proportions were all wrong, and I've apparently turned into more of a perfectionist, so I'm starting over. I also have a baby sweater that is just 2 short 3/4 length sleeves from being finished. So hopefully, there will be knitting to show this week.

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Where are the vegetable comparisons? Just curious.

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