Sunday, February 13, 2011

31 weeks.

Whatshername is growing. I know this as a fact because I can feel my skin and muscles stretching. So far, I'm still feeling pretty good. I have a few minor, completely normal complaints here and there, but nothing too big. And well, it seems pretty trivial to write them down. Though their triviality hasn't stopped me from complaining about them to Rykert who now, on mornings when he is home, has to launch me out of bed. But I'm being conscious not to turn into a whiny, complaining cliche (to this, said roommate would likely say, "Too late.") But most of my complaining is really seeking reassurance that every thing is "normal."

31 weeks
A little frumpy this week. And not a lot of visible change.

I had my regularly scheduled doctor's appointment this week, and it was the fastest one yet. Her heart was beating a steady 150 beats per minute, and my belly is measuring right on track. (As an aside, I think they use Ikea paper tape measures to complete this measurement.) And judging by the scale, I think I may have been the Biggest Gainer of the last two weeks. Go me!

Whatshername has developed, or at least I think she has, a definite cycle in her activity. She is apparently sleepy during the day when I only feel the occasional bits of movement or hiccups. But by the time I'm on the couch for the evening, she's ready to go and kicking and punching up a storm. And the kicks are so strong that I can actually see the movement, which is a very strange site to me. She usually has another little party sometime between 3 and 6 in the morning, which doesn't really bother me because I've usually woken up by then anyway.

Other than that, it's been a busy couple of weeks workwise. Most of my work is fairly long-term in nature, and I'm starting to feel the beginning sense of urgency to tie up as many loose ends as possible between now and April.

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