Friday, January 07, 2011

Week 26

Still no picture of my growing bump. This is mostly because I don't like to be on that side of the camera but also because it is dark when I get up in the morning and it's dark when I get home at night. Now that the solstice has passed it is getting darker a bit later, but not enough to save any daylight for picture taking after work. Alas, you are stuck with veggies...

It's Week 26 and the third trimester is just a week or two away (I'm confused as to when the third tri actually starts). She's the length of a hothouse cucumber or about the size of 3 russet potatoes (perhaps in weight - about a pound?). Depends on who you ask.


But I'm irrationally convinced that she's more likely to be this color and shape when she arrives...


The biggest news this week: Holy Movement. I'm feeling her move even more and the movements are much stronger and less ambiguous. This is the first week that Rykert's been able to feel her moving around, which was exciting. It probably could have happened earlier, but neither of us had the patience. I'd say that she was moving, he'd place his hand on my belly, she'd stop, and we'd temporarily give up. But now, it's unambiguous and frequent enough that he had his first chance.

I read that this is apparently a time for a big growth spurt. And I'm feeling it. Lots of stretching around the middle and aching joints as things expand. Except, however, for my bladder, which has apparently shrunk to the size of a thimble. But otherwise, things are still going smoothly albeit fueled almost entirely by citrus, but I have no complaints (just occasional whining within the confines of my house).

Also, unrelated to baby Whatshername, Happy Birthday to my mom today!

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Ally Johnston said...

This is the final countdown. What fun and excitement. Have you done much knitting for the wee one's arrival?

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