Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A room of her own.

Once we found out that we were having a girl, I immediately started thinking about setting up her room. Honestly, in the wide array of things we need to do to prepare for this major life event, I have to admit that it's probably a bit shallow to concern myself with a perfectly decorated nursery. But I think it's probably a coping technique to keep myself from completely freaking out over the major-ness of it all. It makes me think of this card I saw on Etsy. I'm thinking I should buy it and have it framed as a gentle reminder.

Anyway, I started looking at nurseries on Ohdeedoh and Flickr for inspiration. And I found it. Here. And here. And here. Without boring you with more links, are you sensing a theme?

The bedroom that we wanted to use had really spiraled into a bit of a junk room. We didn't touch the guest rooms in our house when we moved in. One was a blank slate with neutral walls (that will become the baby's room) and the second is two different shades of lime green (and I mean LIME). It's a testament to our home improvement burn-out that the room remains lime green. Our first project was to clear the room out. We removed the daybed and trundle (and sent it to my sister's) and found new homes for most of the clutter.

My stalking of nursery decor on the internet led me to pick the perfect paint color. And in a stroke of luck, I loved it even more once it was on the walls.

Robin's Nest

The color is Robin's Nest by Benjamin Moore (#618). I am really not good at picking paint colors. I usually miss it by a shade or two, and to Rykert's chagrin, end up repainting sooner rather than later. But this time, I'm confident that I got it right.

We pulled out the crappy old trim, and replaced it with white painted trim. Rykert received an air compressor and nail gun for Christmas which made the project fast. Not perfect, but for two amateurs, perfectly acceptable.

Trim and Paint

Apparently, I work backwards when I'm doing any "decorating". I pick the paint colors and then try to coordinate from there. It's not a great method since I usually pick non-neutral paint, and it's the reason that I've been shopping for new bedding for our bedroom for the past 3 years. But with the paint color set in my mind, I went looking for appropriate baby bedding. I wanted something bright with lots of colors (reds, pinks, yellows, etc.). Unfortuantely most of what I found was pretty muted. Cute, but not what I was looking for. I think I looked at every available offering and was beginning to think that I would need to either order something custom from etsy or make it myself. But then I found this. It, admittedly, seems like a bit much in this picture with all of the stuff crammed into the small space...


Of course, it was out of stock and on backorder everywhere on the interweb. And I mean everywhere. I decided that I could risk the wait, and fill in with something else if we got close to the end. But as luck would have it, it arrived this week already. Note that I didn't order all of those accessories, which in my opinion make it a bit busy.

I had picked out a really simple Jenny Lind style white crib. But alas it was also out of stock everywhere, because apparently based on the crib and bedding I picked out, I have the exact same taste as a lot of other people. I'm not sure what that says about me. So I picked out something really simple, sturdy, and gender neutral (because who knows), and we ordered it a day or two after Christmas thinking that the offered free shipping would be via Pony Express and take forever. But to our surprise, it arrived just a few days later. I still need to find a few more things: a dresser, maybe some shelves, maybe a glider/ rocker. Though I'm torn on the glider/rocker.

Crib and Bedding

There's still a lot to be done. I ordered a couple of prints from Etsy that I plan to frame. I need to make curtains, and a few more details, but overall I'm happy with where it is and I'm glad that I didn't wait too much longer to start pulling it together. A full tour once I'm ready to call it done.

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Abby said...

I love it! What a cheerful room. Regarding the glider/rocker, I chose an upholstered rocker when I was pregnant with Ella. It was a savior during those 1 AM feedings. In fact, it's in James' room now and we still read books in it every night.

Debbie said...

I don't think focusing on the decor is frivolous at all. Honestly, there's really not much you can do besides gather up basic supplies while you wait, and that doesn't take all that much time. The rest is either twiddling your thumbs and fretting or, well, decorating the nursery. And knitting, of course. It's a fun way to spend your time and in the end you have a great place to bring your baby home to.

You've got a beautiful start; I can't wait to see it finished (with a baby in it!)

RadioactiveUnicorn said...

That will look great! I'm excited to see the tour!

Katty said...

Every parents have a dream for such decoration for her coming baby. I loved your ideas so much. I really love white color and I told my friend to have white furniture for her coming baby too. She is now running 8th month and dreaming everything what is shown above. Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this kind of post.

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