Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year (a few days late and a dollar short)

We had a really wonderful Christmas. There was idyllic snowfall (which has since melted), and family, and giving, and of course feasting. We were spoiled in more ways than we can count. Nola was sad to leave my parent's house - the land of prime rib scraps and extra people who give her more treats and attention than she gets at home. We arrived home last Monday and she proceeded to sleep for 2 days straight. Like I said, it was wonderful, but somehow I managed to take exactly 0 pictures so I have no proof.

I've never found much need to over-celebrate New Year's. I'm not sure I've ever had any actual plans. We had planned to stay home. Maybe order a pizza. But at nearly the last minute we decided to see if we could get a reservation, and we had a really nice late (for us) dinner. But we still managed to be home and back on the couch by 11, and Rykert woke me up to tell me it was a new year. On New Year's Day we didn't eat black eyed peas. And instead worked most of the day on cleaning and decluttering the house and putting Christmas away for another year.

I'm not really much for introspection. 2010 was a year - some good, some bad. It had highs and lows, and well, I'm not sure there's much point in focusing on the past at this point. We're focused on the future around here. So without resolutions (I mean, we all have room for improvement, but there's no sense in setting oneself up for bitter disappointment when next year arrives and you realize that perhaps you were overly ambitious or life handed you a serious curve ball), we're leaping into 2011 and know that there are major things ahead. But first a quick (and random) review of 2010...

We fry a turkey in our snowy driveway and the house is not engulfed in flames.

TUrkey Frying Setup 02

The Saints won the Super Bowl and my husband, a life-long Saints fan, celebrates with decorum. Or not. Minutes before this photo was taken, he ran into our bitter cold neighborhood streets with his Second Line Umbrella and screamed like a mad person. He then ran inside, scared the dog, and called everyone he knew.

Rykert celebrates

Something strange happened to this picture when I reduced the red-eye. My apologies.

With signs of spring emerging, we started our garden in the basement.

Pepper Seedlings
We took a weekend getaway to Chicago to celebrate my nieces' and sister's birthdays including a stop for lunch at the American Girl store.

Lake Michigan

Our hard work in the garden started paying off in dividends.

052910 Pea Harvest 01

We stopped ever so briefly at the Iowa Sheep & Wool Festival. But it was long enough for me to purchase a new hobby (in the making).

Weaving Finished 02

We celebrated the 4th of July with a pool party, tie-dyeing and sparklers.

Grace 02

We found out we're havin' a baby! But it was still a secret.

I'm still not sure why I took this picture.

After a rather perilous (and quick) business trip, we hopped in the car and headed to Door County for a long (though unseasonably cool) weekend over Labor Day (and my birthday). It was also very very windy. But in Sister Bay, they don't allow drowning which is good to know. I had just learned that I was pregant and was exhausted the entire trip.

No Drowning

We spent a long weekend in New Orleans catching up with family, people watching, and football watching.

Saints Game 10-31-10 01

We discovered that it's a girl!

18 weeks - Profile 02

We had a wonderful Christmas, and a few days after we woke up to the most amazing frost. Of course I didn't capture it.

Post-Christmas Frost

Of course there was much more, but I won't bore you with a trip through each and every 365 days or 122 posts.

I discovered that I didn't take nearly as many photos in 2010 as I normally do. Hopefully I will be better about that in 2011. Of course, I also don't want to live every moment behind a camera. Rykert will need a brief photography primer in preparation for baby's arrival.

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~RaenWa~ said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful 2010. I hope 2011 is just as wonderful it not more for you all this year.

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