Sunday, January 23, 2011

28 Weeks

So here we are at 28 weeks. Baby is now the size of an eggplant.

Somehow I think an eggplant is smaller than a cauliflower but there you go.

For the last week, I've been secretly worrying that she wasn't moving around enough. I'd feel movements, but they were sporadic and sometimes I'd think to myself, "OMG when was the last time I felt her?" Anyway, as if to calm my nerves she started wiggling about on Thursday night at about 3 a.m. and has not stopped since. I'm beginning to wonder if she may be the first female place kicker in the NFL.

In other baby news this week, we put together our stroller and car seat to make sure they will be good to go. (Thanks mom and dad!) We also started picking a few things out for a registry, which was kind of hard. We're trying to figure out the "must haves" from the plastic crap that the stores want you to believe are musts. It's harder than I thought it might be.

Otherwise,this week has been a bit of a whirlwind. I was home from work on Monday for the holiday, and R was gone all last weekend on a quick visit to Louisiana. We got quite a bit of snow on Monday, and being home alone, I went outside (in the very tolerable temperature - it was a perfect snoman/ snowball day) and pushed it off the driveway. I didn't really shovel or lift, but it was enough to wear me out and work muscles I had forgotten that I had. So my sore back (which would have been sore even non-pregnant due to the snow) and tight muscles did make me nervous that I had done something I shouldn't have. But all's well that ends well. While trying to wear Nola out in the backyard, I made a miniature snowman (which is hard to see with the white background).

Mini Snowman

After I took this picture, I went inside. When I went back out, it became clear that Nola had a fine time taking it apart piece by piece.

I'm one sleeve short of a baby sweater, so hopefully I'll have that to report this week...

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Meagan said...

Ok, my list of "must haves" if it helps at all. I ended up returning a ton of stuff to Babies R Us after the babies arrived and we realized we didn't need all that stuff I had registered for.

1. Diaper Champ (as opposed to diaper genie). you can use regular ole kitchen trash bags as opposed to the expensive refills.

2. Sheet savers - at least 2. Best for early days when they are not mobile in their sleep and spit up on their sheets. You just tie them to cribs and change them as opposed to the entire sheet

3. Use old white under tshirts of Rykerts to put on the changing pad/table. That way you don't need 18 changing pad covers and you can just pitch them if they get super nasty. Much easier to wash and change.

4. Disposable bags for your diaper bag. They come in a little dispenser - lifesaver!

5. Halo sleep sacks - expensive but wonderful for when you stop swaddling "whatshername" - we still use them for the twins. You can find gently used or new ones on ebay for half price.

6. 2 good swaddle blankets (miracle blankets) - need to be super large - don't go for all those smaller receiving blankets that come in packages of 3 or 4, we barely used those and they tend to get too small once the babies are a month or so old.

7. Dr. Brown formula mixing pitcher - if you don't breastfeed, this thing is awesome for mixing formula w/o lumps and w/o getting all the gas & air in it.

8. Bottle drying rack - yes.

9. Sterlizer - not necessarily. We boil our bottles once a month and just use hot water and soap the rest of the time. And we just used the cheapo Evenflo plastic bottles. I would register for a couple of different kinds but don't open them and wash them until you figure out what she likes.

10. Microwaver sterilizer bags - you can put anything in these (nipples, pacifiers, etc) and just sterilize in about 3 minutes

11. Bouncy/vibrating chair - must for us.

12. Swing - ehhhh. we didn't really use that.

13. Good play mat - yes.

14. Boppy pillow with at least 2 slipcovers - we still use ours for feeding

15. Bumbo - our kids could live without but I think a lot of kids generally like them

16. Mirror to stick on the backseat behind the car seat

17. Monitor - we just went old school, non-video, Graco brand. But that's just us. That was plenty for us. And we don't even use it now for the most part.

18. My number one favorite purchase - from Bed, Bath and Beyond - Homedics Sound Machine with projector. It comes with lullabies, ocean waves, heart beats, etc plus a projection on the ceiling. My kids LOVE it. Plus, it was $19.99 as opposed to $49.99 that Graco sells for the same type of item (which is a total rip off). And then if you have the 20% off coupon - well then.

Ok, so that is my list of things I can think of so far. You're probably like, "shut it, Meagan, I know all of this". But maybe some of it will be helpful! So excited for you guys - it will be here before you know it!!!

Rykert said...

I hope she is bigger and healthier than the eggplants that came out of our garden last year

Rykert said...



Meagan said...

Rykert - duly noted. Matt did, too. All I can say life changes when babies come into play - I'm just talking about your old hanes undershirts - the ones you hold onto just because. Not your "Jesus loves the Saints" tshirt or anything. That would just be wrong.

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