Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Turkey Day Recap

Thanksgiving has come and gone. And it was a whirlwind. I had to leave Rykert and Nola behind in IC, and unfortunately my mom had to have surgery on her newly broken foot a few days before the big day, but regardless we had a fun holiday.

I've been in a crafting and knitting rut as of late. But my younger sister carried the day with her creations. She set an extensive table for the kids to eat their meal. Back when I was on my felt food kick, I got her started, and she's become obsessed.

She started with felt chair covers.

Thanksgiving Kids Table 05

At each setting, there was a felt turkey dinner.

Thanksgiving Kids Table 03

In the center was a lovely roast turkey.

Thanksgiving felt turkey

I did contribute by ordering plastic wishbones so that there wasn't a fight.

Thanksgiving Kids Table 04

It was enjoyed by all.
Thanksgiving Kids Table 06

I did find a very cute free printable on the Internet and hang it in the kitchen.

Keep Calm and Gobble On

My sister wanted to again show us all up, so she completed her crafting with cupcakes that look like a turkey tv dinner. I find the mashed potatoes particularly authentic.
Turkey Dinner Cupcakes

Unfortunately I don't have any more pictures. I didn't capture the whole crowd, the well-prepared meal, or the food comas that ensued. We spent Friday at Mary Poppins which was an impressive traveling show with some really great effects.

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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