Friday, December 31, 2010

25 Weeks.

I really was going to quit with the metaphors. But then I saw that this week was the RUTABAGA. And I can't resist.


I've been off work all week, and I had high hopes to get lots of things done. We did get some things done. The baby's room is completely painted and the new trim is installed. The crib arrived this week, so we need to get that set up soon. Unfortunately, I didn't get any craft projects completed as I had planned. Rykert and I have been playing Scrabble every night on the Ipad which is consuming a lot of time but sharpening our brains (and saving us from bad tv and even worse football games).

I'm feeling good, though I can physically feel my mid-section expand each day. And I cannot eat enough oranges or drink enough orange juice. It's almost comical. Apparently Whatshername is leaching all of my Vitamin C or something. It reminded Rykert of the scene in Look Who's Talking when Bruce Willis (or the baby) pulls on the esophagus and yells, "Can I get some apple juice down here?" We're pretty sure Whatshername is doing something similar.

We don't have any crazy plans for New Year's. I'd like to get our house in order and start the year with a clean house. Perhaps we'll have dinner, a game of Scrabble, and a mocktail.

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Liz said...

I had my Jacob at 25 weeks. Hard to imagine, isn't it? He weighed 1 pound, 4.8 ounces and was 11.5 inches long. Now he's a big 11 year old boy!

Abby said...

Happy New Year! New Year's Day Scrabble was a tradition when my mom was alive - it was her (as well as my) favorite game. Party on!

Crafty Girl said...

I'm pregnant too and I am addicted to bloody mary mix. No alcohol, just the mix. I couldn't drink enough of it with my son either. I have no idea what I'm lacking, but apparently it's spicy tomato juice!

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