Saturday, November 20, 2010

19 weeks.

This week, Whatshername is the size of a mango.


It's been a busy week, and I realized Wednesday night that next week is Thanksgiving. Where did that come from? Seriously?

Not much baby news this week. We've been talking about names, but we seem to be stuck thinking of shocking names rather than making any serious considerations. Though I do have a couple of favorites that I'm playing close to the chest, because EVERYONE seems to have an opinion and I don't want anyone ruining them. What we have discovered is that I like the more traditional and "old-fashioned" names and Rykert seems to like names that are a bit less common. One of my litmus tests for a name is the following question: how will it look at the top of a resume some day? While it's still very early to be thinking about names, I know we will need a head start. It took us a month or more to name our dog.

My favorite place to peruse names is on Nameberry. They have interesting lists of names like: Antique Names Ready for Restoration, Yupster Names for Girls (i.e. not a list for us), Short and Strong Names.

Over dinner a few nights ago, we were trying to come up with tongue twister names and thought of a couple of good ones. I try not to use last names, so I can't really share the tongue twisters either. But trust me it was a mouthful.

This weekend we are having a pre-Thanksgiving meal since Rykert will be working over the holiday. It will be a bit of a spin on the traditional turkey day meal. So stay tuned....

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