Friday, November 12, 2010

18 weeks

This was a big week. Big. Huge. But first, our produce comparison. This week, baby is apparently the size of a pepper.

Consider the size differential in peppers. Ridiculous.

The biggest news of this week was that I had my regular doctor's appointment and anatomy ultrasound. When they scheduled my ultrasound for the same day as my appointment (to cut down on visits) they let me know that it was on the early end. But it was amazing how much we were able to see. Fingers. Toes. A nice healthy spine. Shaking hands. And more. And most importantly, everything looks normal and is measuring right on track. And baby was a jumping bean and would just not hold still. A huge change from 6 weeks ago when baby was comfortably asleep (or so it appeared)

Once the ultrasound technician finished the rest of the anatomy, she confirmed whether or not we wanted to know the gender. And then she let us know... It's a GIRL!!! (Cross your fingers that she got it right!) We didn't get great pictures because she was so fidgety, but here's a couple anyway.

18 weeks - Profile 02

18 weeks - Feet

18 weeks - Hand

We are so excited. Somehow this latest development makes things less abstract. It's hard to explain, but we are now thinking about specifics. I immediately started cleaning out the room that will eventually become the nursery, and we can now use pronouns. We've taken to calling her Whatshername until we start picking out names to try out for size.

The other big news this week is that we are looking at daycares. Insane, I know. But once our respective leaves are over, we'll have to take baby to daycare a few days a week. I've found that it is must easier to think about all of this in purely abstract terms; it's less stressful that way. We work opposite schedules and Rykert works 12 hour shifts, so we only really need part-time care. Unfortunately, not all centers offer part-time options. Which means we had to get in there as early as possible to reserve a part-time slot or we would end up paying for more care than we will actually need.

As abstract as I've tried to make this, I can't get over how insane it is to have to plan to hand your baby over to a stranger when you are still months and months from meeting the baby yourself. But what I've discovered is that it's apparently never too early to start planning these things. In fact, it appears that one should probably get on daycare waiting lists prior to deciding that one wants to have children. Which also means that we are probably pretty much screwed for preschools. Luckily we have solid public schools, but by May we should probably start thinking about college applications at this rate.

We have narrowed the short list of daycares that offer part-time care down to two. They couldn't be more different in size, philosophy, proximity, and price. Unfortunately, none of them offer the hours that we need, which means we basically still have to pay for more time than we need. I have a couple more options to look into, but it's the first thing that's been a bit stressful, and I'll be happy once we make a decision and can then forget about it until next summer.

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RadioactiveUnicorn said...

She's adorable!!! Nice and pepper-y. Just think, you're almost to rutabaga week! So exciting.

Abby said...

Slow down and take a deep breath - things will fall into place. I understand what you mean, though, about the nebulous-ness (I think I just invented a new word) of it and how seeing the baby's little feet and profile (gorgeous, by the way) and sex makes it all REAL. I don't know about you, but I suddenly wanted to do everything and do it now because I wanted to make up for the first 18 weeks of waiting and doing seemingly nothing (unless you count throwing up and taking naps)... After about a week, I settled down and things became orderly.

You might even stumble across an in-home sitter. Flexible part-time college student majoring in something infant/child related? Empty-nester looking for a little someone with whom to spend her time? If you just need part-time, it might be worth the little extra it might cost to have someone come to you. Plus you might come home to a tidy house? That is worth its weight in gold!

Wish I lived there - I would love to have her at my house!!! Oh my God I am so flippin excited for this baby! I have had baby fever (it's been pretty bad) and living vicariously through you is the best I can do. Oh I love babies...

Okay, I'm going to go calm down now. Congratulations, Libby!

Liz said...

You are smart to plan ahead, and I'm sure you know this, but just remember that nothing is set in stone and once you get your daughter home with you it could change all your plans. In fact that is usually the rule. But if all else falls in to place, this will be a big thing that is off the to-do list.

A GIRL! SO exciting!!

Crafty Girl said...

Talk to your friends and look for someone who does in-home care. Most of the time they are priced better, and are far more flexible. It's the way we went and I haven't been sorry.

Crafty Girl said...

Talk to your friends and look for someone who does in-home care. Most of the time they are priced better, and are far more flexible. It's the way we went and I haven't been sorry.

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