Friday, October 29, 2010

16 weeks

We've traveled south for a long weekend, but today marks 16 weeks (I think). I have this weird feeling that I may have gotten the wrong count somewhere along the line, but oh well. According to this week's annoying email, the baby is now approximately the size of an avocado and ready to begin a big growth spurt.


These comparisons are so bizarre. Always produce. And honestly, if I went to a store and bought a lemon, apple, and avocado, I'm not sure they would form a realistic progression in size. So what I mean to say is, I don't think these pictures of fruit mean a thing. I know, shocking, right? You can't accurately compare an unborn baby to a progression of grocery store produce? And I just peeked at next week's comparison and it's a doozy.

This week has been uneventful other than being scared out of my mind by that mask that I've now hidden and a seriously windy day. No doctor's appointments. No milestones. The best news is that my appetite seems to have made a full return, and the headaches (knock on wood) have abated at least a bit.

I mentioned last week that my clothes were getting a bit snug. I was mentioning this the other day, and Rykert became convinced that someday soon I'll be sitting at the table when the button will shoot across the room. And well, the day is coming where my work clothes are just plain not going to fit (unlike now where I'm pretending they fit). Clothes for around the house aren't a problem, but unfortunately my job requires that I dress in something other than old t-shirts and yoga or sweat pants. So, last week I decided to go shopping (did I mention I don't like shopping for clothes) and pick up a few things that I know I will need at some point (perhaps soon). The thing is I would like the maternity clothes that I buy to be similar in style to what I normally wear (i.e. plain). This is apparently too much to ask. Maternity clothes aren't sold that many places, and where they are sold the styles are restricted (or focus heavily on one particular style of blousy top in loud prints).

Here's where I've found options:
  • Old Navy.

  • Gap. (they don't carry the line in our local store, and online everything I liked was sold out in my size)

  • Motherhood. (I went into the tiny little store at the mall and was instantly overwhelmed and gooned out by the overly pushy employee)

  • Ann Taylor Loft. (seems pricey for my business casual workplace and they don't carry it in the stores)

  • Kohls. (which basically carries a line from Motherhood, and kind of annoys me since they overprice everything in order to have their constant sales.)

  • Target. (slim selection locally)

What am I missing? Somewhere awesome that I've missed?

I also thought about sewing a few things. I went online to look at patterns and browsed the maternity patterns. And what I discovered is that the selection of maternity sewing patterns is even more sparse than the ready to wear offerings at the mall. But there are some incredible vintage patterns. I couldn't resist a couple of these patterns that were really cheap...

McCalls 8948

Butterick 5183
A couple of observations from these vintage patterns: (1) the model drawing do not look pregnant and (2) the sizing on these are so small.

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J A Hynek said...

I ran into the same problem during my first pregnancy. Maternity are just so depressingly....well not my style. A woman at JCPenney's suggested that I skip the maternity section and go to the women's section to find business appropriate clothes that would fit my burgeoning belly. She was right. I had much better luck there though I still ended up making a couple of tops from Simplicity patterns.

amy said...

I've been thinking of your post regarding the "What to Expect When You're Expecting"
here's a worthwhile read

Crafty Girl said...

I don't know how your Younkers is there, but I have had good luck at the Younkers in Valley West Mall.

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