Monday, August 02, 2010

Flat Stanley

Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley? A few years ago my nieces participated through their school. It's a project that was started by a third grade teacher. Essentially, students create a "Flat Stanley" and then send it to friends, family or pen-pals. The recipients write back with a journal telling the student what Flat Stanley has been up to while out traveling. The recipient might also include pictures of places Flat Stanley had visited or postcards. It's a unique and fun pen-pal project and literacy activity (students learn letter writing, journal reading and writing, research about the places Flat Stanley traveled, etc.)

So, fast forward to a few weeks ago. We were again going through some of the stuff from my grandma's condo and we came upon this suitcase.

Barbie suitcase

For as long as I can remember, this suitcase has contained a mismash of Barbie dolls and Barbie clothes originally belonging to my aunt and then used and abused my me, my sisters, and my cousins and then to a lesser extent by a third generation. The contents are, generally speaking, in pretty sad shape. Lots of missing arms, legs, and heads.

But there are some gems. Like Sonny and Cher.
Sonny & Cher

And Farrah (aka Jill Munroe).
and Farrah
Farrah's head is in great shape though her hair is a bit unruly, but unfortunately she's missing a leg. Well, actually she's not missing it, it's just not attached to her torso. I think the three of them are beyond awesome.

And, then there was the original Flat Stanley, a Flatsy doll from the late 60s/ early 70s. I don't think his name was originally Flat Stanley and they made lots of different Flatsy dolls with various accessories.
Flat Stanley

Since I found him a few weeks ago, he's been traveling around in my purse. And occasionally I'll send my mom and sisters annoying text messages outlining his travels around Iowa City and Des Moines. I finally figured out how to get the pictures uploaded from my camera, and so you now get to share in the ridiculousness that ensues when cell phone cameras and a ridiculous 1970s flatsy doll collide.

He went for a drive,
Flat Stanley went for a ride

and stopped at QuikTrip for a slush.
Flat Stanley needed a fountain drink

He can't believe the Christmas decorations are already out at Hobby Lobby.
Flat Stanley can't believe the Christmas stuff is out

He had a long week at work.
Flat Stanley had a long week at work

So, he had a beer
Flat Stanley needed a cold one

and wings at The Vine.
Flat Stanley went to The Vine

Then he went to a movie, and waited for it to start. He was a little confused by Inception, but enjoyed it nevertheless.
Flat Stanley waiting for the movie to start

Last weekend he went to Des Moines, and had a nice lunch at Centro.
Flat Stanley at Centro

Stay tuned for more Flat Stanley adventures. I'm easily amused, and the possibilities are endless when I remember to pull him out of my purse. Or maybe I will send him on vacation. And by the way, you know Flat Stanley? There's apparently an app for that.

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Anonymous said...

Martha thinks they look pretty good in the pictures and wonders why you blasted them in the text.

Anonymous said...

This is so cool. I am wanting to do this project with my students and now that I have seen your doll I am going to share for one online. What a great story of finding it in a suitcase!?!? :) Have fun with your travels.

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